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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/26/2007 04:21:37 ET
Subject: Dr. Watson's DNA Controversy In Regards to Blacks

Message Detail:
James Dewey Watson (born April 6, 1928) is an American molecular biologist, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA.

He was quoted in an article for the Sunday Times Magazine published on October 14, 2007, that he is "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours Ė whereas all the testing says not really." He stated that he hopes that everyone is equal, but "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true." He says that you should not discriminate on the basis of colour, because "there are many people of colour who are very talented, but donít promote them when they havenít succeeded at the lower level."

I wonder what he feels about people born from interracial black and white couples like myself. I don't fit
with his theory. I knew blacks in school that are very intelligent
too. Also neurodivergent people including myself don't have typical
brain functioning either,and they are no less intelligent than
neurotypicals. Many neurodivergent people are not black.

BTW..I don't believe Uranus has to do with racism. From the research that I have done, I am a strong believer that Eris has to do with with bigotry,racism,race relations more than any other planet. I also believe that Eris figures strongly in Blacks and not Saturn.....especially when I believe that Eris has to do with civil rights,equal rights issues...I see Eris figuring into those matters...especially when it involves Blacks. I believe that Eris has to do with standing up for one's self and others. Even Zane Stein included "fighting for one's rights" and race intent under Eris keywords. Roy MacKinnon included power issues involving minorities in his keywords of Eris. I feel that my research confirms their keywords. I also believe that stirring stuff up and controversy are keywords for Eris too. Civil rights,equal rights issues, stirring stuff up,controversy,bigotry,racism,and standing up for one's self/others are strongly connected.

In the slavery chart that Marc Penfield came up with,
Eris is in 11'14 Gemini which happens to be my midheaven!

the sabian symbol for that is
A Negro Girl Fights For Independence In the City

to me, that fits with the theme of slavery,racism,standing up for one's rights,advocacy

When the astronomers demoted Pluto and promoted Ceres that they are equal status in Astronomy,it made me think of equal,civil rights. Ceres was once classed as a planet and it got demoted after finding so many objects in its vicinity, and now the same has happened to Pluto with so many objects in its vicinity...especially Eris which was found to be larger than Pluto and forced the astronomers to come up with a definition of a planet that is so controversial that the astronomers disagree among themselves. Eris really stirred stuff up. I see Pluto and Ceres sharing equal status like the deity Pluto and deity Ceres sharing Persephone for equal amount of time. Michael Brown wanted to name Eris "Persephone" because its orbit was Persephone-like....half of its time away from Pluto. Persephone was already given to a main belt asteroid, and Proserpina too. Interestingly, the Discovery chart's ruler Mars is conjunct Proserpina.

I checked out the asteroid 55555 DNA
I checked out 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger for Blacks
I checked out 4478 Blanco,10730 White

April 6, 1928
1:23 AM

Jupiter in 16'28 Aries
Sun in 16'15 Aries
Africano in 17'09 Pisces
Saturn in 19'04 Sagittarius Stationary Retrograde
(rigid,conservative beliefs about Africans/Blacks)

Eris in 1'12 Aries
Black in 3'46 Aries
Uranus in 4'06 Aries
(controversy,stirring up stuff,shocking abrasiveness,racism,bigotry in regards to Blacks)

Neptune in 26'39 Retrograde
Ceres in 27'38 Aquarius
DNA in 27'40 Taurus
(self deception in regards to DNA and issues with letting go of it)

Africa in 21'46 Pisces
Mercury in 22'35 Pisces
Venus in 23'32 Pisces
(with the planets that Neptune disposits aspecting Africa, seems to
link the DNA issues with Africans)

Midheaven in 9'40 Scorpio
Blanco in 10'10 Aries
North Lunar Node in 10'45 Gemini
White in 11'02 Cancer
(being white) as you see...Midheaven oppose Blanco/Node Midpoint


DNA 25'03 North
Eris 25'05 South
White 25'44 North
(stirring up stuff,controversy,racism,bigotry in regards to DNA)what a

Venus 3'54 South
Niger 4'01 South

Jupiter 5'28 North
Blanco 6'04 North
Sun 6'23 North
(inflated ego about being white)

Africano 14'28 South
Midheaven 14'46 South
(views about Africans/Blacks affect his career,social status)


Solar Arc Midheaven - 00'59 Aries
Natal Eris - 1'12 Aries
(stirring stuff up,controversy,racism,bigotry,)

Solar Arc Sun - 3'01 Cancer
Solar Arc Jupiter - 3'16 Cancer
Natal Black in - 3'46 Aries
(judgmental about Blacks)

Solar Arc Lunar Node - 27'33 Leo Direct
Natal DNA - 27'40 Taurus
(DNA issues)


Progressed DNA - 0'06 Cancer
Progressed Venus - 1'08 Cancer
Natal Eris - 1'12 Aries
Progressed Moon - 1'39 Libra
(racist values,feelings influencing views on DNA)

Progressed Ceres in 17'01 Pisces Retrograde
Natal Africa in 17'09 Pisces
(civilization matters in regards to Africans/Blacks)

Progressed Mercury in 10'13 Cancer Retrograde
Natal Blanco in 10'10 Aries
Natal White in 11'02 Cancer
(strong thoughts,communications of being white)

Progressed Sun in 3'01 Cancer
Natal Black in 3'46 Aries
Progressed Jupiter in 3'57 Taurus
(judgmental about Blacks)

Progressed Africano in 15'47 Aries
Natal Sun in 16'14 Aries
(matters involving Africans/Blacks highlighted and central to his life right now)

Natal Chiron in 4'26 Taurus
Progressed Niger in 4'30 Libra
(hurting Blacks)

TRANSITS FOR OCTOBER 14, 2007 12:00 am UT

Transiting Jupiter in 16'18 Sagittarius
Transiting Black in 16'24 Capricorn
Natal Jupiter in 16'28 Aries
(being judgmental about Blacks)

Transiting Africano in 5'25 Libra
Transiting Niger in 5'54 Virgo
Transiting Mars in 6'08 Cancer
Natal Niger in 7'57 Libra
Transiting Mercury in 8'52 Scorpio Retrograde
(ideas,communications,news about Blacks that would cause anger)

Transiting Sun in 20'16 Aries
Transiting Eris in 21'01 Aries Retrograde
Natal Vertex in 21'34 Leo
Transiting White in 21'35 Leo
(stirring up stuff,controversy,racism)

I figured that he had prominent Eris Solar Arc,Secondary Progression configurations which would indicate a strong focus on stirring stuff up,controversy,racism,bigotry,and race relation issues

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