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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/23/2007 13:26:52 ET
Subject: My Grandfather's Suicide

Message Detail:

I wanted to do a post of my grandfather's suicide. This was the most transformational event in my life after my mom's shooting. His death changed my life forever. He was the person that I loved most in the world except my mother. He was actually the only blood-related grandparent that I ever had because my mother never knew her mother and I never knew my father. Losing him was devastating to both my mother and me. His death got me out of 2 yrs of atheism or should I say pseudo-atheism as I was more like a religious,spiritual person who was in denial,confused and bitter. His death led me on a spiritual,soul search which got me into believing in God and the metaphysical again,and that eventually led me to believe in Astrology on June 29, 1998. I was a skeptic of Astrology. I actually thought Astrology was B.S. Therefore,my grandfather's death was a spiritual catalyst for me. I wouldn't be an astrologer if it wasn't for his death.

Jan 25, 1998
I used 3:00 PM
His death certificate said that his death was in the afternoon.
Also 3 PM was start of Super Bowl. He committed suicide on the day of the Super Bowl between
Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers. I was watching in it in the barracks. I was in the US Navy. On that day, I was thinking about him very strongly. I was thinking that he was down because our favorite team,San Francisco 49ers didn't go to the Super Bowl.
I called my mother the next day,and she told me about my grandfather's suicide.
He was suffering from Hepatitis C with cirrhosis of the liver. He was a lifelong alcoholic. He was overwhelmed with stress of taking care of his mother in law who was in her 90's at the time while my stepgrandmother was out of time during work. He is one of the reasons why I don't drink alcoholic beverages. He shared both Moon in Pisces and Saturn oppose Neptune with me. He had Stationary Saturn in Pisces oppose Neptune.

my birthdata:
October 29, 1971

TRANSITS (I included semisquare and sesquiquadrate because they are considered event-oriented aspects in Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology....besides..the narrower orb,the stronger its influence)

I also included Ceres because it's classified as a dwarf planet along with Pluto,and Eris. Like many astrologers, I still view Pluto as a major planet but I also view Ceres and Eris as as major planets in Astrology. I always felt Ceres was underrated in Astrology. I view astronomers demotion of Pluto and promotion of Ceres resulting in equal status in Astronomy because of Eris' discovery akin to civil rights,equal rights of minorities. That's one of the reasons that I view Eris as planet of civil rights,equal rights,and minorities in general. That might be a controversial view, but well....I believe that Eris rules controversy any way. I feel that it definitely is involved in people not agreeing with each other and having different views that can lead to arguments and even wars..especially if one person believes that he's right and the other person is wrong. Like I pointed out before,it's not only astronomers that disagree with each other on things,it's astrologers too. Therefore, I included both Ceres and Eris as planets in my post.

I included the most distant planets first.

Transiting Eris semisquare my Moon in Pisces on 6th - '01 applying - devastation/disorder/chaos brought into my emotional world/mother,life changing event, stress/conflict involving ideology that leads me sou/spiritual searching beginning my process of moving from being atheist to religious/spiritual which eventually leads leads me to Astrology

Transiting Eris quincunx my Mercury in 3rd - '11 applying - chaos in my life,news that disturbs my equilibrium,life changing event,adjustments involving ideology...moving from being atheist to religious/spiritual which my journey which leads me to Astrology which changes my belief systems

(Eris is no joke! I believe that it's about as transformational,lifechanging,and intense as Pluto and maybe even more so. After all,its more distant than Pluto as well as larger. Therefore, a more metaphysical,transformational,and devastating planet. I don't care what anybody says. Too many life changing,traumatic,and overall important events in my life happened during Eris in transit,solar arc, as well as secondary progression personal points to Eris for me to be skeptical of Eris' influence. Also...When I started believing in Astrology,transiting Eris was biquintile my Virgo Ascendant -'01 which is in affinity with my Chart ruler Mercury biquintile Eris - '06, and so I think that transit indicated changes in my views and becoming openminded about Astrology)

Transiting Pluto conjunct my 4th house ruler Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd - '46 applying - transformation/death involving my family as well as my belief systems

Transiting Neptune sextiling my Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd -1'55 applying - spirituality,idealistic thinking

Transiting Neptune trine my Pluto in Libra in 1st - '58 applying - spiritual transformation

Transiting Uranus conjunct my North Node in Aquarius in 5th - 1'57 applying - unexpected event affecting my life's direction

Transiting Uranus sextile my 4th house ruler Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd - '16 separating - unexpected things,changes involving my family and belief systems

Transiting Chiron conjunct my chart ruler Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd - '43 applying - painful news and pain in my life ...with Scorpio involved, death/transformation figures ......a lifechanging event. holistic awareness
(Chiron is a minor planet/centaur,but I couldn't ignore that it was in conjunction less than 1 degree to my chart ruler)

Transiting Saturn oppose my Uranus in 2nd - '17 applying - a time of tension

Transiting Jupiter semisquare my Eris in Aries Retrograde in 8th - '18 separating - seems like an ideological,religious configuration that involves death

Transiting Ceres trine my Venus in 3rd - '51 applying - nurturing,separation from relatives,a time of letting go of a loved one(like Proserpina/Persephone was separated from Ceres/Demeter when she was abducted by Pluto/Hades in mythology)

Transiting Mars square my Neptune in 3rd - 1'21 applying - actions of escapism,was watching television at the time

Transiting Mars quincunx my Pluto in 1st - '24 applying - transformational violent act that leads to death,was watching football which is a violent sport

Minor Aspect Transit

Transiting Neptune was quintiling my Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd - '30 applying
Transiting Neptune was quintiling my Eris in Aries Retrograde in 8th - '24 applying
(Transiting Neptune forming a 5th harmonic triangle with my Mercury biquintile Eris of 6 minutes of arc)
(Transiting Neptune conjucting my Mercury/Eris midpoint with '26 applying)


Solar Arc Sun conjunct my Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd - '04 applying - idealism,spirituality,escapism is highlighted and a central

Solar Arc Ceres square my Midheaven in Gemini - '53 applying - nurturing/family issues,separating,a time of letting go of a loved one

Solar Arc Neptune sesquiquadrate Ceres - '45 applying - escapism,spirituality involving nurturing/family issues,separation,a time of letting go

Solar Arc Ascendant oppose my Chiron in Aries in 8th - '41 applying - pain in the life involving death,holistic awareness

Solar Arc True Black Moon Lilith conjunct my Mercury - '36 applying - dealing with "inner demons",the occult,metaphysical
(for all you skeptics of Black Moon Lilith, it may be meaningingless to you, but it's important to me....especially when I have Sun conjunct True Black Moon Lilith - '22 in my natal chart.


I checked out the asteroids, (14593) Everett and (2664) Everhart because my grandfather's name was Everett

Transiting Pluto oppose my Everett in Gemini Retrograde in my 9th - '36 applying - transformation/death of my grandfather that led to transformation of my beliefs
(I have 4th house ruler Jupiter oppose Everett - '11 in my natal chart)

Transiting Uranus trine my Everhart in Gemini Retrograde in my 9th - '26 separating - an unexpected event involving my grandfather that led to change of my beliefs

Transiting Everett conjunct my North Lunar Node in 5th - 1'06 applying - an event involving my grandfather affecting my life's direction
(transiting Uranus-Everett conjunct my North Lunar Node)

Transiting Everett sextile my Chiron in Aries Retrograde in 8th - 1'09 applying - pain involving the death of my grandfather

Transiting retrograde Everhart square my Uranus in Libra in 2nd - 1'17 applying - an unexpected event involving my grandfather
(transiting Saturn square Everhart formed a t-square with my Uranus)

Transiting retrograde Everhart sesquiquadrate my Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd - '17 separating - an event involving my grandfather that happened when I was watching television

Transiting Venus trine my Everett in Virgo in 1st - love for my grandfather
(I have Venus sextile Everett - '42 in my natal chart)

Transiting Sun trine my Everhart - 2'20 applying - event involving my grandfather

Transiting Sun sesquiquadrate my Everett - '19 applying - event involving my grandfather

The asteroids are amazing. There is so much synchronicity with the asteroids. That's why I have been an asteroid astrologer since 1999 in spite of many astrologers who believe asteroids are meaningless and even give me a hard time about using them. "Asteroids Don't Work" my butt! hahahaha

I met my girlfriend/soulpartner on January 26,2006 which was the anniversary of the day that my mother told me about Grandpa's suicide. My mother told me the day after my grandfather's suicide. It was my grandfather's death that got me into Astrology. I met her in Astrology chatroom,and I was giving her an Astrology reading. Therefore, if it wasn't for my grandfather's death,I wouldn't have met my girlfriend.

Like my mother, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don't believe that there are no accidents. I believe that we live in a universe where everything has meaning. That is why I am an astrologer and use objects other than the planets in Astrology.

Raymond N. Andrews

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