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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/20/2007 17:28:53 ET
Subject: RE: Civil rights is Sacred fight of underdogs for justice

Message Detail:

I can see that. I agree. I think that maybe I am unconsciously looking at Eris in a Libra Way. Especially when Eris' Perihelion is in Libra. Eris Aphelion is in Aries. Eris' North Node is in Taurus,and its South Node is in Scorpio.

Interestingly, Libra constellation was once part of Scorpio called the Scorpion's Claw.

another thing too....I am not focusing on Eris' meaning by its mythology. I am focusing on its meaning by its orbital symbolism like its Persephone-like orbit. The discoverer,Mike Brown thought Persephone would have been a good choice,but that was given to an asteroid. I also focused on the equality of Ceres and Pluto as dwarf planets in Astronomy, and that also got me to think about equal rights,civil rights issues. Ceres/Demeter and Pluto/Hades shared Proserpina/Persephone during the year. Then I just looked at civil rights,equal rights issues involved to Eris.

The mythology name doesn't necessarily fit the planet.

Neptune is associated with the god its named in regards to the water,ocean,sea archetype, but its personality traits are more like Bacchus/Dionysus,the God of Wine.

Uranus is associated with the god its named in regards to the sky,air, but its personality traits are more like Prometheus,the Titan who gave fire to Man and was punished by the gods by being chained to a rock and getting his liver eatened which would grow back and get eaten again.

so maybe Eris is associated with the god its named,but also fit the Persephone myth.

Some of Zane Stein's keywords are based not only on Eris but also Persephone/Proserpina.

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