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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/20/2007 15:13:30 ET
Subject: Eris in BIDMC Dyslexia Conference

Message Detail:
I want to post about a matter that's really close to my heart because it is something that I experience firsthand that is both my my greatest challenge but also my greatest gift, and it's Dyslexia. There is going to be a day-long webcast conference geared toward informing parents, teachers and students on the latest in neuroscience research, and to explain and demonstrate the most recent evidence-based reading practices for all children. It will be broadcast live from BIDMC’s Dyslexia Research Laboratory, beginning at 9:30 am, Wednesday, October 24. It is sponsored by The Dyslexia Foundation.

I checked Eris in regards to advocacy and also a possible Dyslexia indicator with its moon being called Dysnomia which is not only named after Eris' daughter,but is also a word retrieval condition that overlaps and is said to be part of Dyslexia. Also,I feel that Eris has to do with diversity issues.....and in this case, neurodiversity.
I checked out the asteroid, Dioretsa(asteroid spelled backwards) for Dyslexia.

October 24, 2007
9:30 AM

Neptune in 19'16 Aquarius Retrograde in 3rd
Eris in 20'54 Aries Retrograde in 5th
Dioretsa in 20'58 Taurus Retrograde in 6th

(Neptune in 3rd can be a Dyslexic indicator....I have that placement myself,and I am Dyslexic....with Dioretsa square it,it seems finetune that placement to be about Dyslexia...Eris in 5th aspecting it could be about the child advocacy in regards to Dyslexia)

North Lunar Node in 5'41 Pisces in 3rd
Saturn in 5'51 Virgo in 9th
South Eris Node in 5'54 Scorpio
North Eris Node in 6'04 Taurus
South Mercury Node in 6'15 Scorpio

(North Lunar Node in Pisces in 3rd oppose Saturn in Virgo in 9th is learning/education theme as well as seeing the big picture versus focusing on details as well as can indicate the organization issues that Dyslexics have)
(The Mercury Node-Eris Node connections can be about neurodiversity as well as advocacy about these matters......I have Mercury biquintile Eris)

South Neptune Node in Aquarius in 10'00 Aquarius in 3rd
Chiron in Aquarius in 10'28 Aquarius Stationary Direct in 3rd house

Chiron in the 3rd indicates the maverick thinker, fits with Dyslexia,special education matters.......I have something similar with my Chiron in 10'32 Aries trine Jupiter in 3rd house,and I was in special education for my Dyslexia.
South Neptune Node in Aquarius in 3rd repeats the theme of Neptune in Aquarius in 3rd
I have South Neptune Node conjunct my North Lunar Node in 10'29 Aquarius,and they sextile Chiron in my natal.

South Chiron Node in 29'20 Aries Retrograde
Mercury in 29'29 Libra Retrograde
North Chiron Node in 29'34 Libra
Sun in 0'45 Scorpio

(adds to the theme of Chiron in 3rd as well as highlight maverick matters)
My South Chiron Node in 29'20 Aries
My North Mercury Node in 29'36 Libra
My Chiron sextile Gemini Midheaven, Chiron parallel Virgo Ascendant and my South Chiron Node sesquiquadrate Ascendant fit with the Mercury-Chiron themes)

Venus in 14'21 Virgo
Uranus in 15'09 Pisces Retrograde
North Uranus Node in 16'09 Gemini
Jupiter in 18'10 Sagittarius

South Uranus Node in 12'05 Sagittarius
Midheaven in 12'39 Virgo

(The Uranus node connections emphasize unconventional learning/education and innovation,insights into learning/education
I have South Uranus Node oppose Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini and square Ascendant in 13'27 Virgo. I have North Uranus Node trine Uranus.)

Minor aspects:

Venus quintile Ascendant - 1'01
Venus biquintile Eris - '33
Eris biquintile Ascendant - '08
(Venus,Eris,Ascendant in 5th harmonic configuration)
(relating to others through advocacy)

Saturn oppose North Node - '09
Eris semisquare North Node -'13
Saturn sesquiquadrate Eris - '03
(8th harmonic configuration)
(making connections to realistically advocate)

Pluto biquintile Dioretsa - '05
(revealing truth about Dyslexia)

North Uranus Node in 16'09 Gemini
sesquiquadrate Sun - '23
(the highlighting of unconventional communication/learning and innovation,insights involving those matters)


Eris 5'03 South
Moon 5'26 North
Venus 5'54 North

Dioretsa 0'34 South
(on equator) objects on equator are strong energies


Follow ups:

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