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Posted By: ex on: 10/20/2007 12:26:21 ET
Subject: Civil rights is Sacred fight of underdogs for justice

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Honestly, I don't feel that I have been describing the sacred warrior archetype in my posts, but I do respect your views. It's also possible that Eris' placement in Aries could be the warrior energy influence. I am not focusing on Eris as the warrior. I thought Pluto was considered octave of Mars.

All I am doing was posting my research about Eris in regards to things that I find that are Eris keywords: I think keywords for Eris can be stirring stuff up,equal rights issues,civil rights matters,controversy,riots,protests,demonstrations,boycotts,terrorism,ideologies,racism,bigotry,and diversity.
I believe that the things that I found even confirm the keywords that Zane Stein and Roy MacKinnon have for Eris.

i understand the folly of me trying to communicate these ideas during Mercury's current Retro through Scorpio. after 22 years of a progressed Mercury Rx through Scorpio it just seems like par for the course though. i see Rosa Parks and MLK and all the marchers through Selma as warriors. I see Rachel Corey who lay her body in front of the Israeli bulldozer as a warrior. Nicola Calipari who through himself over reporter Giuliana Sgrena to save her from the hail of American bullets certainly embodied this warrior archetype. i just wonder, how much that Eris stirs up is Eris, and how much is Eris drawing back the veil to Aries

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