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Posted By: ex on: 10/20/2007 02:39:48 ET
Subject: Is Eris Sacred Warrior archetype, or reflecting the

Message Detail:

hi Raymond, you have been describing the sacred warrior archetype in your posts. The spiritual warrior fights not because they think they can win but because they know they are right. the sacred warrior is the high expression of Mars and Aries energy. Dante describes it very well in his Paradiso, when his pilgrim is led to the heaven of Mars on his journey to enlightenment. i guess my question is whether Eris embodies this higher octave of the warrior/protector energy, or if she is simply magnifying and reflecting the energy of Aries on her circuit across the sky. what do you think?

(Yeah i remember that kiss between Kirk and Uhura, that was pretty hot, you'd think he would have noticed Uhura sooner on a long lonely voyage like theirs ;-)) So much of Star Trek was ahead of it's time but a kiss like that should have happened years before.)

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