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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/19/2007 13:01:28 ET
Subject: Eris in the Interracial Wedding of Sammy Davis Jr and May Britt

Message Detail:

May Britt,a Swedish actress and Black singer/actor Sammy Davis, Jr. got married on November 13, 1960. Their wedding caused controversy. At that time interracial marriages were forbidden by law in 31 US states out of 50, and only in 1967 were those laws abolished by the US Supreme Court.

I looked at the asteroids 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766
Niger for Blacks
4478 Blanco,10730 White for Whites
3638 Davis for Sammy Davis
1219 Britta for May Britt
12238 Actor for Actor,especially in regards to Hollywood

I looked at Eris in regards to stirring stuff up,controversy,racism,bigotry,and race relations


November 13, 1960
Los Angeles,California.....not sure of the city
Noon.....not sure of the time

Davis in 3'22 Scorpio
Jupiter in 3'29 Capricorn
North Eris Node in 5'11 Taurus

Niger in 7'05 Scorpio
Pluto in 7'57 Virgo
Mercury in 8'52 Scorpio Retrograde
Neptune in 9'20 Scorpio
Eris in 9'20 Aries Retrograde

Actor in 14'03 Aquarius
Saturn in 14'31 Capricorn

Sun in 21'27 Scorpio
Black in 22'48 Aquarius

Venus in 28'08 Sagittarius
White in 28'36 Libra
Britta in 29'27 Aries
Africa in 0'17 Libra


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