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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/16/2007 13:47:32 ET
Subject: Eris in Women's Armed Forces Integration Act

Message Detail:
With the passage of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act (Public
Law 625) on June 12, 1948, women gained permanent status in the armed

I checked Eris for equal rights,civil rights. I checked
the asteroid Lilith (1181) in regards to social equality..especially
when it comes to women's rights
I also checked Juno.

Some of Juno's keywords given by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch are:

They list Juno theme
1. Relationships:equal partnerships vs. power struggles,compatibility
and trust, cooperation between equals

2.The Eternal Feminine: feminine power

3. The Powerless: minorities,battered wives

data that I used

June 12, 1948
Noon....time unknown

Neptune in 10'44 Libra Retrograde
Venus in 9'20 Cancer Retrograde
Mercury in 7'13 Cancer Retrograde
Eris in 7'12 Aries
(note: the rate of travel of Mercury is less than 6 minutes..therefore
it's Mercury square Eris less than half a degree)
(T-square Mercury-Venus in Cancer square the Neptune-Eris Opposition)

Juno in 29'44 Pisces
(Juno is conjunct Aries Point .......Juno's rate of travel is 20
minutes....therefore it's conjunct Aries Point within 1 degree)

(Aries Point has do with one's relationships with larger world around
one and is associated with fame and greater social
significance.....according to Robert Hand in Horoscope Symbols)

Uranus in 26'01 Gemini
Lilith in 26'57 Gemini

My thanks to asteroid astrologer,Yakshi for giving me the idea to do
this post. :-)

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