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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/16/2007 12:28:46 ET
Subject: Eris in Women's Suffrage

Message Detail:
August 26 - 19th Amendment to US constitution is passed, guaranteeing
women's suffrage.

Nineteenth Amendment) to the United States Constitution provides that
neither the individual states of the United States nor its federal
government may deny a citizen the right to vote because of the
citizen's sex.

I checked Eris and its nodes for equal rights,civil rights. I checked
True Black Moon Lilith for equal rights,civil rights in regards to
females. I had a hunch that they were in aspect to each other.
I also checked Juno.

Some of Juno's keywords given by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch are:

They list Juno theme
1. Relationships:equal partnerships vs. power struggles,compatibility
and trust, cooperation between equals

2.The Eternal Feminine: feminine power

3. The Powerless: minorities,battered wives

I use the data
August 26, 1920
12:00 PM....uncertain of time

Jupiter in 29'53 Leo
True Black Moon Lilith in 29'12 Sagittarius Retrograde
Eris in 29'07 Pisces Retrograde

Eris conjunct the Aries Point - '53
(Aries Point has do with one's relationships with larger world around
one and is associated with fame and greater social
significance.....according to Robert Hand in Horoscope Symbols)

Juno in 5'24 Scorpio
North Eris Node in 5'21 Taurus

Sun in 3'07 Virgo
Uranus in 3'43 Pisces Retrograde
South Eris Node in 3'29 Scorpio


Mars 20'29 South
Pluto 19'37 North
True Black Moon 19'33 South

Raymond N. Andrews

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