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Posted By: ex on: 10/15/2007 13:56:31 ET
Subject: Pluto/Eris opposition and the punk explosion, 1977

Message Detail:
"I remember how the darkness doubled,
I recall lightning struck itself
I was listening, listening to the rain
I was hearing, hearing something else..."

Television, "Marquee Moon" Feb 1977

Anyway, lightning struck twice in June 1977 sending the Big Apple into a major blackout not seen since the 1965 blackout (Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, less than 1 degree) #something# was in the water in 1977. Even as the ghettos were in flames, Disco, Hip Hop and Punk music suddenly burst into public awareness practically at once, and love them or hate them, colored our cultural expression to this very day. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, Television, X, Patti Smith, The Talking Heads, Half Japanese, Blondie all appeared and stomped on our heads collectively in a nihilistic Renaissance of sound and expression. After listening to years of slick studio productions by "world-pro" session musicians, the people were taking back Rock&Roll, the folk music of the time (because it was the music that folks listened to).

Exhibit A: Pluto in Libra was in direct opposition to Eris in Aries on Nov 20 1976, Mar 7 1977, Oct 4 1977, May 10 1978 and Aug 15 1978.

News from 1977- It was the best of times, it was the wors...oh never mind the bollocks. The "Son of Sam" killer was terrorizing NY City and newly elected Libran president Jimmy Carter unconditionally pardoned the Vietnam War draft evaders, thus helping to heal this sorry chapter of history. Object Kowal was discovered and Anita Bryant started the "Religious Right" (or "Anti-Christian Wrong", depending on your view) with her homophobic campaign in Florida that resulted in 200,000 marchers in Frisco and an orangejuice boycott that ended her TV commercial career. Gays were now out of the closet and so was disco. The brothers didn't like disco much but took the positive dance groove to the new rapping scratching scene where DJs were now musicians and folks could hotwire streetlamps to fuel their parties in the parks. The war on drugs and increased police presence ended this positive cultural scene and gangster rap sadly got all the attention later.

Pluto and Indie music: For many of us, punk rock,art rock call it what you will began in 1965 when The Velvet Underground formed under the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. They put out visceral, taboo songs about drug addiction (Waiting for the Man), transvestites (Lady Godiva's Operation) and sado-masochism (Venus in Furs) when impressionable youths were first strapping on electric guitars. Brian Eno famously said that only a couple thousand people bought the first Velvet Underground albums but every one of them were inspired to go out and start their own rock band. (Coincidentally, under this conjunction in 1965 Dylan went electric and The Gratefulful Dead and Pink Floyd formed)

Eris and Renaissance: The Uranus/Eris conjunction in the first degree of Aries in 1927 saw Heisenberg's Quantum Uncertainty princi...(yawn)...uh, and Al Jolson as"The Jazz Singer" burst upon the scene on 10/06/1927 while the aspect was exact to about 14 minutes of arc. Suddenly talking pictures and this "N*gg*r/K*k*" music that so upset the poor widdle Fuehrer was THE cultural wave that gave us Hollywood, Be-bop, and R&R.

Pluto in opposition to Eris- This aspect occurred in a possible, tentative mutual reception. Pluto gets heavy. It is about core issues and being real. Eris seems to ask that we lighten up. If you don't have a sense of humor or fun then don't bother coming to my block party. Damn, here comes the fuzz... peaceout y'all

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