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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/15/2007 03:14:35 ET
Subject: My Note on Eris

Message Detail:
Well...I have been doing my own research. I looked at a lot of charts that included Civil rights stuff during the days of Martin Luther King Jr(that was a lot of charts to look at), the American Civil War,Proclamation of Emanicipation, Dr. King's assassination,John Lennon's assassination,Archduke Ferdinand's assassination,Ronald Reagan's attempted assassination,9-11 attacks,Invasion of Baghdad, OJ Simpson trial,Michael Vick Dogfighting, Jena 6,Don Imus' nappyheaded hoes,Formation of Klu Klux Klan,Foundation of NAACP,First Gay Marriage License in Masschussetts, Michael Richard's Racist Rant,Alex Haley's Roots televised,Alex Haley's Roots book publication,Alex Haley's Roots next generaton televised,Dr. Kambon's White Extermination Speech,Rodney King Riots,Rodney King guilty verdict,President George Bush,and African American Slavery chart, and of course, the discovery chart which I correlated with racial relations/co-ruler of Astrology,and other things.

I also researched personal stuff like my learning disability issues/advocacy history,relationships,and my family.

I didn't go by the mythology of Eris alone. I checked Eris in mundane astrology charts and some natal. I also considered the events that went on around the discovery of Eris including that Pluto and Ceres were made equals in Astrology which got me thinking about equal rights,civil rights stuff. I always felt that Ceres was underrated in Astrology and started feeling that Pluto is being overrated...especially after so many other kuiper belt objects have been discovered...especially the large ones. I also considered the orbital symbolism too......its perihelion/aphelion and its north and south nodes. I also looked at Sabian Symbols,and those work so well that I got a book on Sabian Aspect orbs. I will post about my sabian aspect orbs later.

I pretty much found stuff that correlated with what Zane Stein and Roy Mackinnon wrote about in Eris.

I mainly found a lot of stuff pertaining to African American civil,equal rights issues. I think that it bothering some people that I focused on this stuff. Actually,I was very nervous to post any of the stuff that I found because it's a very sensitive subject. I was afraid that some might be patronizing and condescending to me like say things like "get over it, slavery and civil war is over and that there is no racism". That's recently happened to me on this forum. I know that the stuff that I post is controversial and can stir things up, but I feel that Eris is about controversy and stirring stuff up any way. I can't help finding that Eris pertain to minority issues, and the goddess Eris was a minority goddess in myths too. Roy MacKinnon noted stuff about minorities in his keywords and Zane Stein noted stuff like fighting for one's rights in his keywords. All those together seem like civil,equal rights issues to me and that advocacy can be an Eris thing.

I want to look more into religious issues because I believe that Eris has to do with ideology which Roy and Zane even state in their keywords. Many wars were based on religious issues. I would like to check out things like the Inquisition,Martin Luther,King Henry VIII,Queen Elizabeth I,Galileo. The crusades would also be interested to look at. Even Joan of Arc. A lot of the civil rights activists are preachers. Martin Luther King Jr was a Christian minister,and he led the Civil Rights movement. His wife was a civil rights activist,and she had Sun conjunct North Eris Node.

I am going to do some research on the Eris Nodes because those are important like other planetary nodes which Theodor Landscheidt,Zipporah Dobyns,and Jeffrey Wolf Green believe. My own Eris Nodes are prominent with my Sun conjunct South Eris Node/oppose North Eris Node with 9 and 10 minutes of arc respectively.

I found that transiting Eris was quincunxing my Ascendant when my mom was shot when I was with her at the time. That was 3 days before my 3rd birthday.....that was the ultimate life changing event.

I found that transiting Eris was quincunx my chart ruler Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd when my grandfather shot himself to death....that was the catalyst for my spirituality.....I was an atheist for a couple of years....his death led me to believe in God again, and got into metaphysical things including eventually Astrology. I wouldn't be an astrologer if it wasn't for Grandpa. His death pretty much changed my ways of thinking in regards to spirituality,religion,philosophy.

I found that transiting Eris was quincunx my Venus in Scorpio in 3rd when I met my girlfriend in person. We love each other so much,and I want to spend the rest of our lives together. As you know,this is an interracial relationship too. Our belief in equality has helped our relationship. I was really interested in advocacy at the time too.

I feel that being a learning disability/neurodivergent/Dyslexic/Dyspraxic advocate is my life's things that I have experienced myself and so can easily sympathize with those things.

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