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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/14/2007 02:32:42 ET
Subject: Eris in President George W. Bush's chart

Message Detail:
I checked out Eris in Bush's chart in regards to stirring stuff up,ideology,and terrorism

Eris in 6'43 Aries Retrograde in 9th
trine Ascendant in 7'06 Leo - '23
trine Mercury in 9'50 Leo in 1st - 3'07
trine Pluto in 10'35 Leo in 1st - 3'52
oppose Neptune in 5'56 Libra in 3rd - '47

minor aspects:
sesquiquadrate Venus - '13
quintile Uranus - '26

I agree with the keywords of Roy MacKinnon and Zane Stein which confirm what I view about Eris.

Striving to achieve one's goals and refusing to capitulate to the pressure of unjust treatment and discord from abusive authority : with great inner conviction and single-mindedness of purpose following a path of high attainment and enlightenment notwithstanding adversity - alternatively refusing the call to transform with mediocrity and underachievement as consequences: issues around power abuse of minorities, the defenceless, the alien: networks, multinational countries and companies, the world- wide web: piracy, terrorism, clash of ideologies: conflict between desires of personality and pursuit of the inner call: persecution of the spiritually aware person who stands alone courageously acting according to conscience: an outstanding individual ahead of the times.

Zane Stein:
Loss of innocence, entrance into adulthood; child's trauma being separated from parent; acceptance of unavoidable changes; dying and being reborn (as opposed to Pluto which rules the causes/processes of death and rebirth); internal split causing longing to be whole, the longing of the soul for its other half; the subject/object of a debate, argument, competition, conflict or war...what stirs people to fight or disagree; fighting for one's rights; strife and discord; pitting one side against the other; competition, contests and tournaments; struggles for supremacy; rivalry; a test of skills or abilities; love of fighting or debate; what one has at stake in a competition, dispute or conflict, or one's perspective of what is being fought over; refusing to relinquish one's hold on an ideal, belief, cause, or object...'not budging an inch'; the problems resulting from irreconcilable differences; contrasting different perspectives; comparing thesis and antithesis in the search for truth; contrasting opposing viewpoints to reveal each side more clearly, to seek similarities as well as differences; contrasting logical thought processes to show the limitations of logic; identifying with, or trying to understand, first principles; incongruous juxtapositions to force one to think outside of the box; the ethics connected with one's motives and methods, and the coming to light of less than spotless methods; the roots of one's motivations; piracy, defrauding, swindling; society's ethics; race intent.

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