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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:30:18 ET
Subject: Discoveries Of The Outer Planets

Message Detail:
Interesting alignments during the discovery of the outerplanets


March 13, 1781
Time is Unknown so I used noon

Sun in 23'19 Pisces
Mars in 23'10 Sagittarius
1809 Prometheus 23'11 Taurus
Uranus in 24'26 Gemini
(I find it interesting that Prometheus whose personality traits are assigned to Uranus quincunxes Mars and semisextiles Uranus......especially when quincunx is an aspect that has to do with making adjustments which relate to change which Uranus is all about)

Eris in 13'54 Capricorn
Mercury in 11'10 Aries
North Uranus Node in 11'00 Gemini

Venus in 2'22 Pisces
North Eris Node in 2'20 Taurus
South Eris Node in 3'40 Scorpio
Chiron in 3'18 Taurus
North Lunar Node in 5'08 Taurus
Pluto in 6'08 Aquarius

Neptune in 4'48 Libra Retrograde
30 Urania in 5'44 Capricorn
Pluto in 6'08 Aquarius
24626 Astrowizard in 7'06 Capircorn
(Interesting that the Sun's dispositor is square and Moon's dispositor is semisextile Urania,named after the muse of Astronomy.....asteroid astrologers believe that Urania has to do with Astrology too)

Jupiter in 27'25 Scorpio Stationary Retrograde
8958 Stargazer in 28'42 Aries

Venus 11'44 South
Chiron 11'45 North


September 23, 1846
6:00 pm time unknown but it was at night

20000 Varuna in 8'18 Sagittarius
Venus in 9'29 Virgo
South Neptune Node in 8'36 Aquarius
Chiron in 10'22 Libra
65489 Ceto in 10'31 Pisces Retrograde
(How appropriate for Venus to be in opposition to Ceto,named after a sea monster and for Ceto to be in Pisces,the sign ruled by Neptune)
(How appropriate for Venus to be in square to and South Neptune Node sextile Varuna,named after Indian God of the Oceans)

Mercury in 18'50 Virgo
16 Psyche in 18'24 Leo
Jupiter in 16'25 Gemini

True Lunar Node in 28'10 Libra Direct
Eris in 29'39 Aquarius Retrograde

Saturn in 25'08 Aquarius
Pluto in 25'23 Aries Retrograde
Mars in 25'50 Virgo
Neptune in 25'53 Aqaurius Retrograde
3671 Dionysus in 26'02 Cancer
90377 Sedna in 26'14 Pisces Retrograde
37452 Spirit in 27'16 Scorpio
2063 Bacchus in 23'06 Scorpio
(How appropriate for Mars to be in opposition to Sedna,named after Inuit Sea Goddess and for Sedna to be in Pisces,the sign ruled by Neptune)
(It's interesting that Neptune makes a close quincunx to and Mars sextile Dionysus,named after the Greek God of Wine whose personality traits are assigned to Neptune)
(Neptune squares Bacchus, named after the Roman counterpart of Dionysus)

North Neptune Node in 11'32 Leo
4341 Poseidon in 12'06 Capricorn
Uranus in 12'43 Aries Retrograde
Karma in 14'30 Capricorn
(How appropriate for Neptune's Dispositor to square Poseidon,named after Greek God/Lord of the Sea)

Uranus 4'22 North
65489 Ceto 4'08 South
(How appropriate for Neptune's Dispositor to contraparallel Ceto,named after a sea monster)

Venus 9'11 North
4660 Nereus 8'53 South
(How appropriate for Venus to contraparallel Nereus,named after the Greek God who ruled the Sea before Poseidon)

16 Psyche 14'18 North
Neptune 13'24 South

Mercury 6'07 North
Chiron 5'47 South

3671 Dionysus 24'59 North
2063 Bacchus 24'28 South

Feb 18, 1930

Sun in 29'24 Aquarius
4342 Freud in 28'26 Leo Retrograde
(Wow..Sun(also dispositor of Freud) in opposition to Freud,the psychonalyst whose theories were based on sex......and Astrologers believe that Pluto has rulership of psychonalysis and even sex)

18458 Caesar in 24'00 Aquarius - use for dictator,imperialism
916 America in 23'59 Aquarius
11518 Jung in 23'34 Aquarius - named after the psychoanalyst
399 Persephone in 23'22 Pisces - named after Greek Queen of Underworld,Hades' wife
11519 Adler in 23'19 Aries - named after the psychoanalyst
3811 Karma in 23'17 Leo Retrograde
90482 Orcus in 22'32 Taurus - named after Roman God of Death

Eris in 1'12 Aries
Mercury in 3'25 Aquarius
North Eris Node in 4'34 Taurus
North Lunar Node in 5'10 Taurus
South Eris Node in 6'28 Scorpio
Jupiter in 6'55 Gemini

Saturn in 8'56 Capricorn
Ceres in 7'23 Gemini
Jupiter in 6'55 Gemini

South Pluto Node in 20'25 Capricorn
55555 DNA in 19'58 Scorpio
North Pluto Node in 18'28 Cancer
699 Hela in 18'12 Virgo - named after Norse Goddess of the Underworld
Psyche in 17'56 Pisces
Pluto in 17'46 Cancer Retrograde
14179 Skinner in 16'56 Gemini
(Pluto conjunct its North Node and oppose its South Node is significant!)
(Pluto trine Psyche and semisextile an asteroid named after psychiatrist is very interesting)

37452 Spirit in 13'22 Gemini
1923 Osiris in 13'05 Pisces - named after Egyptian God of the Underworld
26 Proserpina in 12'08 Cancer Retrograde - Roman Queen of the Underworld,Pluto's wife
949 Hel in 11'04 Taurus - named after Norse Goddess of the Underworld
Chiron in 10'04 Taurus
Mars in 9'20 Aquarius

Minor aspects:
Saturn semisquare Caesar - '03
Saturn semisquare America - '02
Uranus semisquare Caesar - '05
Uranus semisquare America - '06
(8th harmonic triangle of Saturn,Uranus,and Caesar-America)
United States was a country built on independence and defied tradition
but it's not ending up a country that want to change other's traditions and
and is accused of imperialism

Pluto biquintile Caesar - '13
Pluto biquintile America - '13
(United States is being seen as dictator country with power issues by many and accused of imperialism)


Skinner 24'15 North
Hel 24'50 North
Eris 24'50 South

Freud 14'14 North
Jung 14'10 South
Hela 13'59 South
True Lunar Node 13'15 North
Chiron 13'12 North
(Jung and Freud are also in opposition with a 5 degree orb, and so an occultation)

Persephone 0'25 South
(on the equator) objects on equator are strong energies


The Discovery of Eris was January 5, 2005
Pasadena, California
11:20 AM

Eris in 19'45 Aries Stationary Direct
3811 Karma in 20'11 Libra
(I honestly believe that Eris is the most karmic planet of All and that Evolutionary Astrology could benefit from looking at Eris for karmic issues)

Neptune in 14'00 Aquarius
8990 Compassion in 12'22 Aquarius
99 Dike in 11'46 Aries
Ascendant in 11'16 Aries
Moon in 10'57 Scorpio in 7th
Ceres in 9'51 Scorpio in 7th
(I looked up Dike because it's a slur in regards to lesbians, and its often a label given to women who are masculine and/or strong even if they are not lesbians.......this can indicate the bigotry towards lesbians and the issues with same sex marriage......some gays believe that Xena is a lesbian character..Xena is definitely a strong female character...Moon in 7th Quincunx Dike-Ascendant seems like gay marriage issues to me)
(Eris could be about learning compassion for gay people and acknowledge their equal rights and Compassion is one of the asteroids named in honor of the victims of 9-11...I feel that terrorism stems from intolerance and lack of compassion)

399 Persephone in 26'17 Pisces
Chiron in 25'58 Capricorn
3402 Wisdom in 25'38 Leo
20461 Dioretsa in 25'32 Taurus
Venus in 25'07 Sagittarius
Saturn in 24'33 Cancer
1809 Prometheus in 24'30 Capricorn
Mercury in 24'12 Sagittarius
Pluto in 22'54 Sagittarius
24665 Tolerantia in 22'35 Scorpio
(I believe that humanitarianism and healing can help the planet,and we definitely have enough of much separation is going on)
(Persephone(wife of Pluto) is a name that Eris' Discoverer Mike Brown wanted to give to Eris but it was already given to the asteroid,Persephone...he had describes it orbit as Persephone-like(I believe that our planet has serious issues with tolerance and has led to much death and destruction)
(I have a hunch that Eris might have something to do with Dyslexia since it relates to disorder...also Eris' Moon is named Dysnomia which is also a word retrieval disorder that tends to overlap with Dyslexia....that's why I checked Dioretsa which is Asteroid backwards...and Dyslexia is a condition that involves reversals....note:not all Dyslexics experience reversals,many actually don't......My own history of Dyslexia includes auditory/speech reversals in early childhood and still have issues with word retrieval.......I find it interesting that Mercury-Venus quincunxes the sextile of retrograde Dioretsa and Saturn - a yod)

26 Proserpina 8'40 Sagittarius
Chart ruler Mars in 7'40 Sagittarius
South Lunar Node in 7'18 Scorpio
Midheaven in 6'44 Capricorn
Part of Fortune in 6'39 Aquarius
8991 Solidarity in 6'48 Taurus
North Eris Node in 5'22 Taurus
Uranus in 4'06 Pisces
16 Psyche in 3'13 Pisces
(I find it interesting that the chart ruler is conjunct the Roman counterpart of the name that Eris Discoverer Mike Brown wanted to give to Eris)
(I believe that solidarity is a big issue with people on our planet)
(The asteroid,Solidarity was named in the honor of the victims of 9-11, and that seems to me that Eris relates to issues of terrorism)
(I definitely believe that Eris has to do with changes in our psyches, and its a highly metaphysical planet whose energy is hard to handle on the material plane and can manifest into psychiatric disorders)

14092 Gaily in 29'18 Libra
South Lunar Node in 28'48 Libra
North Lunar Node in 28'48 Aries
Spirit in 28'48 Scorpio
(I definitely believe that Eris is here to teach us that accepting the equality of gays is a spiritual thing to do. There can be a strong karmic issues with gays)

Sun 22'31 South
Venus 22'48 South
Proserpina 22'09 South
Prometheus in 21'47 South

Moon 16'07 South
Tolerantia 16'24 South

Gaily 11'55 South
Karma 11'19 South
Psyche 11'06 South
True Lunar Node 11'03 North

Part of Fortune in 18'36 South
Compassion in 18'12 South

Vertex in 1'56 South
Dioretsa in 1'52 North

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