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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:27:51 ET
Subject: Eris in Race Relations

Message Detail:


I kept finding Eris in significant aspects in charts of Black Equal Rights issues,,Civil Rights issues, that I had to wonder if Eris' discovery is connected to Black Equal Rights,Civil Rights issues in any way. I wonder if it has to do with the racism and political correctness involving Blacks and Whites. I also wonder if it has to do with racial division between Blacks and Whites as well as the struggle for interracial harmony. Eris could be the planet of race relations. I checked the asteroids pertaining to Blacks and Whites in Eris Discovery Chart.

The Discovery of Eris was January 5, 2005
Pasadena, California
11:20 AM


I used the asteroids, 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger,10730 White,4478 Blanco
I also added 3811 Karma because I believe that Eris is a very karmic planet.

Sun in 15'34 Capricorn
Niger in 16'17 Capricorn
Africano in 19'57 Capricorn
Karma in 20'11 Libra
Eris in 19'45 Aries Stationary Direct (I say that being stationary during its discovery is very significant)
Jupiter in 17'43 Libra

Mars in 7'40 Sagittarius
South Eris Node in 7'17 Scorpio
Part of Fortune in 6'39 Aquarius
Midheaven in 6'44 Capricorn
Africa in 5'42 Capricorn
North Eris Node in 5'22 Taurus
Uranus in 4'06 Pisces
Blanco in 3'45 Capricorn
Black in 3'51 Aries
Antivertex in 4'42 Aries
White in 4'05 Libra
Vertex in 4'42 Libra

Ascendant in 11'16 Aries
Moon in 10'57 Scorpio
Ceres in 9'51 Scorpio

Pluto in 22'54 Sagittarius
Mercury in 24'12 Sagittarius
Venus in 25'07 Sagittarius
Saturn in 24'33 Cancer
Chiron in 25'58 Capricorn

Minor Aspects:
Uranus semisquare Eris - '39
Uranus semisquare Africano - '51
(Uranus,Eris,and Africano in 8th harmonic trangle.....Uranus conjunct Eris/Africano midpoint)

Mercury semisquare Ceres - '40
Venus semisquare Ceres - '16

Eris 5'51 South
Jupiter 5'44 South
(note they are also in opposition, and so its a Eris-Jupiter occultation)

Black 0'34 North
White 0'53 South
(on the equator) objects on equator are strong energies
(they are also in opposition, and so its a Black-White occultation)

Mercury 22'21 South
Venus 22'48 South
Sun 22'31 South
Niger 21'45 South
Mars 21'29 South
Saturn in 21'12 North
(Sun is also conjunct Niger.....therefore Sun-Niger occultation)

Karma 11'19 South
South Node 11'03 South

I couldn't help looking at my chart to see how Eris is connected to my chart in regards to race relations as well as see the asteroids pertaining to blacks and whites..especially with me born to a black father and a white mother and being in an interracial relationship with my white girlfriend,Meghann. They strongly influence my beliefs in racial,sociocultural tolerance as well as my idealistic hopes for international,interracial harmony.

October 29, 1971
San Francisco,California (note: a city known for its high degree of liberalism)
3:20 AM

Jupiter in 8'15 Sagittarius
Blanco in 9'40 Aquarius
North Lunar Node in 10'29 Aquarius
Chiron in 10'32 Aries Retrograde
Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini
Africa in 11'15 Aries
Eris in 12'15 Aries Retrograde
Africano in 12'37 Aries Retrograde
Ascendant in 13'27 Virgo
Niger in 13'47 Scorpio

North Eris Node in 5'30 Taurus
South Eris Node in 5'29 Scorpio
Sun in 5'20 Scorpio
Saturn in 5'08 Gemini Retrograde
Moon in 3'11 Pisces
White in 2'49 Pisces
Neptune in 1'48 Sagittarius

Mars in 25'54 Aquarius (The dispositor of my Eris-Chiron-Africano-Africa stellium)
Black in 27'40 Aquarius

Minor aspects:
Mercury biquintile Eris - '06
Mercury biquintile Africano - '17
Mars semisquare Eris - 1'21
Mars semisquare Chiron - '22
Mars semisquare Africa - '21

Moon 8'31 South
White 9'30 South
(Moon and White are also in conjunction,and so Moon-White occultation)

Sun 13'18 South
Pluto 14'04 North
Africano 14'08 South
Blanco 14'18 South
Eris 14'25 South
Mars 15'13 South
(I also have Eris conjunct Africano,and so I have Eris-Africano occultation)
(I also have a bilevel Mars-Eris with Mars both semisquare and parallel Eris)

This is my last post on Eris. I have looked at a lot of charts on Eris that resulted in many posts. These posts might be controversial and stir things up. There could be a lot of people who disagree with what I posted and debate with me. They could even point that I am wrong which I may be. All the things that I have posted is just opinions. I don't claim to know any facts. I only claim to have views of what Eris is about. There could be a lot of people that attempt to debunk me like many astronomers,skeptics do with astrologers. That's okay with me. I will tolerate and respect your views. I will agree to disagree. I feel that's a positive way to use the Eris energy.

during my research on Eris:
Transiting Jupiter trined my retrograde Eris in Aries in 8th
Solar Arc Eris opposing my Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd
Secondary Progressed Ascendant in Libra opposing my Eris
In my current solar return,Eris in 2nd sextile Ascendant in Aqaurius - 1'14

I look forward to reading other astrologers' research about Eris. I find that Zane Stein's article on Eris in MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER really nailed Eris in my opinion. I believe that he has an excellent grasp of Eris. I honestly feel that the things that I have found confirmed the keywords that he mentioned like the problems resulting from irreconcilliable differences,pitting one side against the other,contrasting opposing viewpoints to reveal each side more clearly, the ethics connected with one's motives and methods, and the coming to light of less than spotless methods,societies ethics, fighting for one's rights,race intent,what stirs people to fight and disagree,struggles for supremacy,to seek similarities as well as differences,and refusing to relinquish one's hold on an ideal,belief,cause,or object.

here is phrase that I remember by Rodney King after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots that resulted from the acquittal of the white policemen that were tried for police brutality with some of them later convicted for violating King's civil rights.

"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?"

All of us getting along is what I consider the ultimate karmic lesson, and I believe that's what Eris is here to teach us.

indicated by the Eris Discovery Chart's
T-Square of Africano square the opposition of Stationary Direct Eris in 1st and Karma in Libra in 7th minutes of arc

It is said that human life began in Africa. So maybe the t-square indicates the karmic lessons to help us recognize our common origins of having roots in Africa for all of us our human beings..

The T-Square of Midheaven-Africa-Blanco in Capricorn square the opposition of Black-Antivertex in Aries in 1st and White-Vertex in 7th



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