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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:24:52 ET
Subject: Eris In My Family

Message Detail:

My Mother's Secondary Progressions,Solar Arc,and synastry with me at my birth

My Natal Jupiter in 8'16 Sagittarius
Her Secondary Progressed Jupiter in 8'25 Cancer
Her Solar Arc/Secondary progressed Sun in 8'34 Cancer
Her Natal Eris in 8'46 Aries

Her Solar Arc Eris in 25'21 Aries
Her Natal Venus in 25'04 Cancer

The composite chart of my mother and me:
Pluto in 11'53 Virgo
Moon in 11'01 Capricorn
Eris in 10'30 Aries Retrograde

This indicates my Northern White mother having me from an interracial relationship with my Southern Black father. My mother told me that my father wanted us all move to his homestate, Louisiana,but she refused. She thought that it was no place for a mixed kid like me. She and I definitely had some issues due to our ethnic differences. I remember people staring at us and even giving us dirty looks. At 9 years old, my mother made me check out a book on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because she wanted me to know my people in regards to the Blacks. My mother and I have a volatile relationship, and there have been power issues in the relationship and I constantly stood up for myself and that would anger. I was abused by her. She was shot,and I was with her at the time. She suffered from PTSD,and that made her more emotionally volatile. Her psychological problems were very problematic. My experiences with my mother influenced to be very fierce in standing up for myself and my rights. My mother was also frustrated of the challenges of me being a special needs child and was worried that I would never be normal like other children. She,herself is Dyslexic and has some Dyspraxic issues,and was insecure about her own intelligence. My experiences with my mother made me want to donate to Child Abuse/Neglect organization.

My Father's Secondary Progressions,Solar Arc,and synastry with me at my birth:
My Saturn in 5'08 Gemini retrograde
Solar Arc Eris in 5'18 Taurus
My Sun in 5'20 Scorpio
Natal Jupiter stationary Direct in 5'41 Taurus
My True Black Moon Lilith in 5'42 Scorpio Retrograde

The composite chart of my father and me:
North Lunar Node in 8'03 Sagittarius
Eris in 8'06 Aries Retrograde
Sun in 8'40 Sagittarius

This could indicate his life being touched in a deep personal way with my being born to him from his interracial relationship with my white mother. We both share Dyslexic,Dyspraxic issues as well as my getting my Blackness from him.

The composite chart of my mother and stepfather:
Pluto in Leo in 5'43 Leo
My True Black Moon Lilith in 5'42 Scorpio
Eris in 5'21 Aries Retrograde
My Sun in 5'20 Scorpio

Venus in 12'13 Cancer
Mars in 12'28 Scorpio
My Eris in 12'15 Aries

This could indicate our interracial family with my stepfather being Black from the North East and my mom being White from the North West. Our interracial family did have some issues.
There were some racist issues. We were disliked by some Mexican apartment managers.
They thought my mom was Mexican. They didn't like her being married to a Black man
and having a mixed kid. We ended up moving to a duplex in a predominantly black neighborhood which made my white mother uneasy because she really stood out.
They really stirred up a lot of crap in my life with their fighting each other. They were abusive to me, and I constantly stood up for myself and rebelled against them which really irked them. There were serious power issues,intense experiences in our family. It was my past with them that influenced me to be stand up for myself and my rights.

The composite of my mother and father,and their synastry with me:
Eris in 6'21 Aries
Venus in 5'35 Libra
Saturn in 5'30 Leo Retrograde
Jupiter in 5'05 Gemini
(Isosceles Trapezoid)
My Sun in 5'20 Scorpio
My Saturn in 5'08 Gemini Retrograde

The configurations and my synastry with them fit with their being an interracial couple and my connection with them. They had some volatility that made the relationship problematic.

The composite of my stepfather and me
Eris in 7'06 Aries Retrograde
Mars in 7'30 Aries

Synastry of my stepfather and me:
His Eris in 1'57 Aries
My Neptune in 1'48 Sagittarius in 3rd

When I was a little kid in special education, I got picked on a lot. My father told me that if somebody hit me,I hit them back. He taught me the concept of self defense. I took that to heart to the point that I am quick to stand up for myself and my rights. He helped me get out of special education with the mentally retarded by getting me intelligence testing which resulted in me showing that I have above average intelligence and got me placed in a special education class with learning disabled children with at least average intelligence. He helped make it possible for me to get special education therapies to remediate my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia. Of course,those experiences lead me to wanting to be a learning disability advocate.

Aspects involving Eris and its Nodes in natal

North Node in 10'29 Aquarius
Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini
Eris in 12'15 Gemini Retrograde
Ascendant in 13'27 Virgo

True Black Moon Lilith in 5'42 Scorpio Retrograde
Sun in 5'20 Scorpio
South Eris Node in 5'29 Scorpio
North Eris Node in 5'20 Taurus
Saturn in 5'08 Gemini Retrograde

My Mom:
Midheaven in 8'57 Pisces
Eris in 8'46 Aries
Mars in 5'49 Capricorn Retrograde
North Eris Node in 5'52 Taurus
Jupiter in 4'29 Cancer
South Eris Node in 4'18 Scorpio
Saturn in 3'04 Scorpio

My father:
Pluto in 3'39 Leo
Eris in 3'57 Aries
North Eris Node in 4'49 Taurus
North Lunar Node in 5'36 Libra
Jupiter in 5'41 Taurus Stationary Direct
South Eris Node in 6'41 Scorpio
Saturn in 7'56 Taurus Stationary Direct
Mercury in 6'50 Capricorn

Sun 22'54 South
Eris 22'17 South
Venus 21'43 South

My stepfather:
Venus in 29'22 Gemini
Eris in 1'57 Aries Retrograde


October 29, 1971
San Francisco,CA
3:20 AM

My mother:
June 13, 1954
6:26 AN

My father:
Jan 2, 1941
New Orleans,Lousiana

My stepfather:
Aug 4, 1929

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