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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:22:04 ET
Subject: Eris in My Relationship

Message Detail:

I was wondering what you think about Eris in relationship Astrology. How does Eris play in your relationships?

I really like Zane Stein's keywords for Eris:
Loss of innocence, entrance into adulthood; child's trauma being separated from parent; acceptance of unavoidable changes; dying and being reborn (as opposed to Pluto which rules the causes/processes of death and rebirth); internal split causing longing to be whole, the longing of the soul for its other half; the subject/object of a debate, argument, competition, conflict or war...what stirs people to fight or disagree; fighting for one's rights; strife and discord; pitting one side against the other; competition, contests and tournaments; struggles for supremacy; rivalry; a test of skills or abilities; love of fighting or debate; what one has at stake in a competition, dispute or conflict, or one's perspective of what is being fought over; refusing to relinquish one's hold on an ideal, belief, cause, or object...'not budging an inch'; the problems resulting from irreconcilable differences; contrasting different perspectives; comparing thesis and antithesis in the search for truth; contrasting opposing viewpoints to reveal each side more clearly, to seek similarities as well as differences; contrasting logical thought processes to show the limitations of logic; identifying with, or trying to understand, first principles; incongruous juxtapositions to force one to think outside of the box; the ethics connected with one's motives and methods, and the coming to light of less than spotless methods; the roots of one's motivations; piracy, defrauding, swindling; society's ethics; race intent.

My girlfriend and I are in an interracial relationship(she's White,and I am part Black). She and I will be together in a state that has a Black population of less than 2 percent. My girlfriend and I share belief of the equality of the members of the human race. She and I believe that gays should have the right to be in same-sex marriages. She and I enjoy playing games like Monopoly and Chess against each other. She accepts and respects my interests in advocacy/activism in regards to neurodivergent conditions like Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADHD,and Autistic Spectrum Disorders as well as psychiatric misdiagnoses which is influenced by my own Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADHD that was misdiagnosed by psychiatrists. She loves me in spite of my neurodivergent conditions. She and I accept and respect each other's views,beliefs,and opinions. We can get into arguments and debates at times. We have strong differences but strong similarities. We feel each other to be soulpartners. Being away from each other makes us feel that we are both missing a part of each other.

When I first met her online in Astrology chatroom on January 26, 2006:
My Secondary Progressed Midheaven square my natal retrograde Eris in Aries in 8th - '07
Transiting Eris semisquare my Saturn - '07

When she first met me online:
Her Solar Arc Midheaven square her natal Eris in Aries in 1st - '04
Her Solar Arc Eris sesquiquadrate her natal Midheaven in Sagittarius - '06
(double whammy)
Transiting Venus square her natal Eris in Aries in 1st - 1'48
Transiting Mercury contraparallel her natal Eris - '48
Transiting Pluto contraparallel her natal Eris - '06

When I met her in person on June 8, 2007:
My Solar Arc Eris was oppose my chart ruler Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd - '14
My Secondary progressed Ascendant was oppose my Eris - '11
Transiting Eris quincunx my natal Venus in Scorpio in 3rd - '22
Transiting Jupiter trine my natal retrograde Eris in Aries in 8th - 2'30
Transiting Neptune parallel my natal Eris - '01

When she met me in person
Her Secondary Progressed Midheaven was square her Eris - '33
Transiting Jupiter trine her natal Eris in Aries in 1st - '31
Transiting Mercury contraparallel her natal Eris - '01

NATAL ERIS ASPECTS AND PLACEMENTS including Eris Nodes (been using planetary nodes since watching Jeffrey Wolf Green's Planetary Nodes workshop DVD and reading Zipporah Dobyn's Node Book,only 2 degree orb for major aspects with planetary nodes,only 1 degree orb for quincunx,semisextile,semisquare,and sesquiquadrate)

Mine:Eris Retrograde in Aries in 8th
biquintile Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd - '06
trine Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd - 3'48
oppose Uranus in Libra in 2nd - 3'03
sextile North Node in Aquarius in 5th/trine South Node in Leo in 10th - 1'45
trine Ceres in Leo in 11th - 1'42
sextile Vertex in Aquarius in 5th - 2'45
quincunx Asc in Virgo/semisextile Desc in Pisces - 1'12
sextile MC in Gemini/trine IC in Sagittarius - 1'01
contraparallel Pluto in Libra in 1st - '21

South Eris Node in Scorpio in 2nd
conjunct Sun in Scorpio in 2nd - '09
quincunx retrograde Saturn in Gemini in 9th - '21
North Eris Node in Taurus in 8th
oppose Sun - '10
semisextile Saturn - '22

My gf's:Eris in Aries in 1st
conjunct Mercury - 1'43
trine Stationary Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius in 9th
Eris semisextile Asc/quincunx Desc - 1'28
sextile Ceres in Aquarius in 12th - 3'09

South Eris Node in Scorpio in 8th
North Eris Node in Taurus in 2nd

SYNASTRY: Because Eris is an outerplanet that has an orbit that's slower than Pluto, I only use 30 minutes of arc for it. I use only 1 degree orb for Pluto

My Eris in her 1st
sextile her Ceres in Aquarius in 12th - '14

Her Eris in my 8th
oppose my Uranus in Libra in 2nd - '08
sextile my Vertex in Aquarius in 5th/trine my Antivertex in Leo in 11th - '11

Eris in 13'42 Aries in 11th
quintile Mercury in Aquarius in 8th - '49
trine Jupiter in Sagittarius in 6th - 4'06
trine Neptune in Sagittarius in 7th - 1'49
oppose Pluto in Libra in 5th - 1'03
contraparallel Pluto - '25
conjunct North Node in Aries in 11th/oppose South Node in Libra in 5th - 5'45
quincunx Ceres in Scorpio in 6th - '43
sextile Ascendant in Gemini/trine Descendant in Sagittarius - '08
parallel Midheaven in Pisces/contraparallel Imum Coeli in Virgo - '15

MIDPOINTS (I am believer in Cosmobiology which uses midpoints extensively)


My gf's:
Ascendant conjunct Ceres/Eris - '06
Neptune squares Eris/Ascendant - '12
Venus square Jupiter/Eris - '21
Pluto oppose Venus/Eris - '36
Pluto sesquiquadrate Ceres/Eris - '05
Uranus semisquare Saturn/Eris - '03
Ascendant semisquare Venus/Eris - '35
Uranus semisquare Moon/Eris - '33

Asc oppose Eris/Vertex - '10
MC square Eris/Node - '07
Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto/Eris - '14
Asc square Ceres/Eris - '21
Node conjunct Jupiter/Eris - '16
Jupiter semisquare Sun/Eris - '31


My Vertex/Eris
conjunct my gf's Ascendant - '06
conjunct my gf's Ceres/Eris - '01

My Ceres/Eris
square my gf's Ascendant - '37
square my gf's Ceres/Eris - '30

My Venus/Eris - 2'01 Aquarius
square my gf's Moon - '37

My Moon/Eris
square my gf's Midheaven - '02

My gf's Eris/Node
oppose my Venus - '00

My gf's Ceres/Eris
oppose my Ascendant - '09

My gf's Eris/Midheaven
square my Mercury - '34

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