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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:13:27 ET
Subject: Eris - Assassinations of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, JFK,Dr Martin Luther King Jr,John Lennon

Message Detail:


The assassination of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of
the United States, took place on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas,
Texas, USA at 12:30 p.m by Lee Harvey Oswald

Sun in 29'44 Scorpio
26924 Johnharvey in 28'15 Capricorn
961 Gunnie in 0'07 Scorpio
7166 Kennedy in 0'46 Virgo
3155 Lee in 1'40 Leo

Mercury in 9'44 Sagittarius
Uranus in 9'48 Virgo
Jupiter in 9'48 Aries R
Eris in 10'02 Aries
18243 Gunn in 11'48 Aries R
Moon in 11'14 Aquarius
North Node in 11'55 Cancer Direct
Chiron in 10'13 Pisces Stationary Direct
Vertex in 11'37 Virgo

8581 Johnen in 21'35 Cancer
Venus in 21'26 Sagittarius
3252 Johnny in 20'26 Libra
Mars in 20'31 Sagittarius
29427 Oswaldthomas in 22'47 Gemini R


Ascendant 15'01 South
Neptune 14'57 South
Oswaldthomas 14'39 North
Kennedy 14'50 North
Johnny 13'50 South

Mercury 23'29 South
Mars 23'55 South
Johnen 23'10 North
North Node 22'54 North

Saturn 16'47 South
Eris 16'29 South


At 6:01 p.m. on April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fatally
shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

Midheaven in 12'28 Cancer
Ascendant in 11'18 Libra
Eris in 11'38 Aries

Sun in 15'16 Aries
Saturn in 15'20 Aries
961 Gunnie in 16'25 Libra

Moon in 2'25 Cancer
2305 King in 3'44 Cancer

Mars in 5'53 Taurus
Vertex in 5'39 Taurus
North Eris Node in 5'16 Taurus
South Eris Node in 6'00 Scorpio

Jupiter in 26'16 Leo R
Uranus in 26'24 Virgo
Neptune in 26'09 Scorpio
7100 Martin Luther in 27'12 Aquarius

Minor aspects to asteroids:

Martin Luther sesquiquadrate Ascendant - '54
Martin Luther sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '16


Mercury 3'34 South
Venus 3'15 South
Gunnie 3'26 South


John Lennon was fatally shot on December 8, 1980 by a crazed fan, John
Mark Chapman, at about 10:50 pm, as he and his wife Yoko Ono attempted
to enter their apartment at the Dakota building on West 72nd Street in
Manhattan across from Central Park West.

Mercury in 5'06 Sagittarius
Moon in 5'16 Capricorn
4147 Lennon in 6'18 Capricorn
Jupiter in 7'09 Libra
14163 Johnchapman in 7'56 Capricorn
Saturn in 8'20 Libra
18243 Gunn in 9'33 Taurus
6735 Madhatter in 10'02 Libra
1589 Fanatica in 11'27 Pisces
Ascendant in 12'25 Virgo
Mars in 13'43 Capricorn
2409 Chapman in 13'50 Virgo
Eris in 14'08 Aries R in 8th
Chiron in 14'21 Taurus R in 9th

Venus in 18'41 Scorpio
8581 Johnen in 18'42 Capricorn

Neptune in 22'11 Sagittarius
Pluto in 23'39 Libra
5180 Ohno in 24'24 Cancer R
961 Gunnie in 24'29 Virgo
3252 Johnny in 26'33 Virgo


Midheaven 21'52 North
Sun 22'49 South
Gunn 22'35 North
Lennon 23'35 South
Johnen 23'51 South
Mars 23'53 South
Ohno 24'24 North

Jupiter 1'43 South
Saturn 1'14 South
Madhatter 1'30 South

Ascendant 6'54 North
Pluto 6'27 North
Chapman 6'25 North

Eris 12'06 South
Fanatica 12'23 South


I was looking at the chart of the assassination of Archduke Franz
Ferdinand which triggered World War 1. I wanted to check out Eris
aspects. He was killed along with his wife,Sophie by Gavrilo Princip.

His assassination in Sarajevo sparked the Austrian declaration of war.
This caused countries allied with Austria-Hungary (the Central Powers)
and countries allied with Serbia (the Entente Powers) to declare war
on each other, starting World War I.

I read that it was approximately, 11:00 am that he was killed,and so I
used that time.
On June 28, 1914
Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first thing that I noticed when I looked at the chart was Chiron
was stationary retrograde in 18'56 Pisces. It was also 00'00'56
North,and so it was on the equator. Stationary bodies are strong
energies. Bodies on the equator are strong energies too. With Chiron
both stationary and on the equator,the Chiron influence was extremely
strong. A day of pain,wounds. Chiron's Dispositor Neptune was in 27'06
Cancer,conjunct chart ruler Mercury in 28'12 Cancer,and trine Eris in
27'39 Pisces retrograde.

Moon in 4'48 Virgo conj Mars in 1'17 Virgo in 12th seem like
assassination placement as well as deception,and their dispositor
Mercury conjunct Neptune adds to the deception emphasis.

Eris conjunct Descendant/oppose Ascendant with 2'13 orb
Eris square Midheaven/Imum Coeli with 3'06
(with the time uncertain with approximate 11:00 am time, these aspects
may not have happened)

I also checked know I love Asteroid Astrology! hahahaha

3183 Franzkaiser in 6'44 Scorpio Stationary Direct in 2nd
43790 Ferdinandbraun in 6'45 Sagittarius in 3rd
2259 Sofievka in 5'22 Leo in 11th
3917 Franz Schubert in 6'56 Virgo in 12th
North Node in 7'38 Virgo in 12th
Sun in 5'50 Cancer in 10th
2653 Principia in 5'18 Aries in 7th
Moon in 4'48 Virgo in 12th
Sophiecai in 3'29 Virgo in 12th
15282 Franzmarc in 3'34 Gemini in 9th

65694 Franzrosenzweig in 28'46 Aries in 8th
Mercury in 28'12 Cancer
Neptune in 27'06 Cancer
Eris in 27'39 Pisces R

Jupiter in 21'50 Aquarius in 5th
Saturn in 23'36 Gemini in 9th
862 Franzia in 22'54 Sagittarius retrograde in 3rd
251 Sophia in 20'45 Cancer in 10th


Franzia 34'47 South (out of bounds)

Ferdinandbraun 30'27 South (out of bounds)

Moon 9'59 North
Franzrosenweig 9'58 North
Franz Schubert 10'18 North
Franzkaiser 11'17 South
Mars 12'03 North

Pluto 17'59 North
Franzmarc 17'47 North
Sofievka 16'54 North
Sophia in 16'47 North
Sophiecai in 16'19 North


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