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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:11:06 ET
Subject: Eris - Gay Marriage Legal in Massachussets

Message Detail:

When Eris was nicknamed "Xena", I thought about equal rights issues
for Eris. The character Xena is embraced by many gays and some think
Xena is a lesbian character with her relationship with her Gabrielle.
I read about a gay astrologer referring to "Xena" as the gay planet
which I didn't agree with. I noticed that gay marriage has been a big
issue...especially in USA,and so it made sense to me, that the object
could be related to equal rights involving gay people.
Gay marriages are illegal in every state of the USA except for

On May 17, 2004,Massachusetts issued the first fully legal same-sex
marriage licences in the United States. This follows a November 18,
2003 ruling of the Massachusetts Supreme Court requiring the state to
issue same-sex marriage licences. The first licence is issued at
Cambridge to Marcia Hams and Susan Shepherd at the stroke of midnight.

Chart data for Massachussetts Supreme court ruling requiring state to
issue same-sex marriage lices

Nov 18, 2003
Boston Massachussetts
time using noon.

Venus in 19'38 Sagittarius
Pluto in 18'52 Sagittarius
1487 Boda in 18'47 Aquarius
Eris in 19'44 Aries Retrograde

Boda is Spanish for marriage

Minor aspects:

Saturn biquintile Juno - '36
Saturn biquintile Boda - '04
(5th harmonic triangle of Saturn,Juno,Boda)


Mars 7'11 South
Jupiter 6'34 North
103 Hera 6'11 North
Eris 6'09 South

Hera is Greek version of Juno, and so can be about committed

North Node 17'51 North
Boda in 17'12 South

Chart data for 1st gay marriage license in Massachussetts
May 17, 2004

Sun in 26'35 Taurus
Venus in 26'07 Gemini Stationary Retrograde
Chiron in 25'59 Capricorn
Juno in 24'44 Capricorn Stationary Retrograde
Ascendant in 21'01 Capricorn
Pluto in 21'32 Sagittarius
Eris in 20'33 Aries

Neptune in 15'23 Aquarius Stationary Retrograde
1487 Boda in 14'08 Libra
103 Hera in 13'08 Virgo

minor aspects:

Venus quintile Jupiter - 1'00
Venus quintile Boda - '00
Jupiter biquintile Boda 1'00
(5th harmonic triangle of Venus,Jupiter,and Boda)

Eris square Ascendant - '28
Uranus semisquare Eris - '59
Uranus semisquare Ascendant - '31
(8th harmonic triangle of Uranus,Eris,and Ascendant)

Moon in 4'04 Taurus
South Eris Node in 5'25 Scorpio
North Eris Node in 6'13 Taurus
Mars in 6'12 Cancer
Uranus in 6'33 Pisces

Juno 5'47 South
Eris 5'32 South

Juno makes a wide square to Eris,and I wouldn't see it as being an
aspect, but Juno is stationary. Stationary planets are strong
energies..planets with stationary planets are stronger than planets
without stationary planets with the same orb. Therefore that wide Juno
square Eris has the same strength of Juno square Eris within orb due
to the aspect being strengthened by the stationary Juno.
Also stationary Juno shows that committed relationships,marriage
matters are in prominence at the time. that aspect is enhanced by Juno
parallel Eris too. So it's a bilevel Juno-Eris configuration.

Venus makes a wide sextile to Eris,and I wouldn't see it as being an
aspect,but Venus is stationary. Therefore that wide Venus sextile Eris
has the same strength of Venus sextile Eris within orb due to the
aspect being strengthened by the stationary Venus.
Also stationary Venus shows that love,attraction,relationship matters
are in prominence at the time.

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