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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:06:43 ET
Subject: Eris in Don Imus Nappyheaded Hoe Remark

Message Detail:

I looked at Eris in the event of Don Imus Nappyheaded Hoe remark about Rutger's woman's basketball team that is black in regards to Eris having to do with stirring up stuff,racism, and political correctness. Some people thought what he said was racist. Others thought what he said was sexist. There were others who thought that he was being both. There are other people who thought that his being fired was being too politically correct

I also used the asteroids, 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger for Blacks/African Americans

April 4, 2007
noon because not sure of time
New York,NY

Saturn in 18'21 Leo
Jupiter in 19'46 Sagittarius Stationary Retrograde
Eris in 20'48 Aries
Neptune in 21'21 Aquarius

Sun in 14'30 Aries
Chiron in 14'30 Aquarius
Black in 15'06 Capricorn
North Lunar Node in 15'56 Pisces
Uranus in 16'20 Pisces

Black 16'04 South
Pluto 16'26 North (it is also Stationary Retrograde)
Saturn 16'35 North

Ceres 4'31 South
Eris 4'55 South
(with Ceres as a feminine archetype,this could reflect the remark being sexist)

Jupiter in 22'19 South
Niger in 22'27 South

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