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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 19:03:56 ET
Subject: Eris In Rodney King Riots

Message Detail:

The 1992 Los Angeles riots, also known as the Rodney King uprising or the Rodney King riots, were sparked on April 29, 1992 when a predominately white jury acquitted four police officers accused in the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King when he resisted arrest following a high-speed car chase. Thousands of blacks in the Los Angeles area joined in what is known as a race riot involving acts of law-breaking including looting, assault, arson and murder. In all, 53 people died during the riots.

I checked for Eris in regards for not only civil rights,equal rights issues but also stirring stuff up,trouble making,and riots which I feel are keywords for Eris.

I also looked at the asteroids, 3873 Roddy,2305 King, 11207 Black,1193 Africa,6391 Africano,8766 Niger,4478 Blanco,10730 White

Eris in 17'37 Aries
Blanco in 18'37 Aries
Saturn in 17'49 Aquarius
Africa in 19'28 Aquarius
White in 20'00 Leo
Neptune in 18'56 Capricorn R
Uranus in 17'59 Capricorn R

Mercury in 13'36 Aries
Niger in 12'37 Virgo R

Mars in 25'24 Pisces
Africano in 24'24 Aquarius

Venus in 27'52 Aries
Roddy in 29'09 Aries

Moon in 5'47 Aries
North Eris Node in 5'51 Taurus
South Eris Node in 5'41 Scorpio
Jupiter in 4'38 Virgo Stationary Direct
King in 7'58 Virgo
Sun in 9'49 Taurus
Black in 10'24 Scorpio

Minor aspects:
Moon sesquiquadrate White - '48
Roddy semisquare Midheaven - '52
Mercury biquintile King - '22
Mars biquintile White - '35
Saturn quintile Roddy - '48

Chiron 12'41 North
King 12'55 North

Sun 14'45 North
White 15'13 North

Roddy 22'08 North
Uranus 22'38 South

Jupiter 11'09 North
Black 10'27 South
Venus in 9'28 North
Blanco in 9'24 North
Eris in 8'40 South


After the riots, pressure mounted for a retrial of the officers, and federal charges of civil rights violations were brought against the officers. Near the first anniversary of the acquittal, the city tensely awaited the decision of the federal jury; seven days of deliberations raised speculative fear of an incendiary outcome in the event of a not guilty verdict.

Precautionary measures were taken by the government and media. The decision was read in an atypical 7:00 a.m. Saturday court session on April 17, 1993. Two officers--Officer Laurence Powell and Sergeant Stacey Koon were found guilty and the other two were acquitted.

Chiron in 17'11 Leo Stationary Direct
Eris in 17'43 Aries
Africa in 18'27 Aries
Blanco in 18'02 Gemini

Moon in 9'07 Pisces
Roddy in 8'44 Leo

Venus in 4'14 Aries Retrograde
Black in 5'15 Pisces

Africano in 20'26 Aries
Neptune in 21'08 Capricorn
Uranus in 22'09 Capricorn
King in 23'30 Sagittarius Stationary Retrograde
Niger in 23'48 Scorpio Retrograde
Pluto in 24'51 Scorpio Retrograde
Mars in 25'12 Cancer
Sun in 27'33 Aries

Africano 1'09 South
Jupiter 1'32 South
Africa 1'38 North

Pluto 4'34 South
Black 4'44 South

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