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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 10/12/2007 15:42:51 ET
Subject: RE: Belief of Eris as planet of Civil Rights,Equal Rights,Human Rights

Message Detail:
Jesus stop feeling bad for yourself. Your list of what makes you a minority is way too long, everybody is a minority if you think about every quality you have that most people don't have. Also there has been tons of civil repression besides that of black people. Civil rights is not the equivalent of black rights. And that war is over as well. There is no more government repression, only personal repression, which CAN manifest as government repression if a government official is racist, however black people should acknowledge their victory rather than perpetually claiming intolerance is the root of all their problems.

There is no need to be condescending and patronizing to me. I only posted and expressed how I feel about Eris. I also told the truth about myself about my conditions and I have the diagnoses too. They inspire me to be an advocate for those conditions and to help others like me.
Another thing, my multiethnic heritage factors into my belief in interethnic harmony.

as for my list of what makes me minority too long. What makes it too long. who decides. Any ways, my "too long list" of being minority has nothing to do with feeling bad for myself. That's just who and what I am, and it factors into my belief in treating others equally as fellow human beings with souls. It inspires me to be an advocate and treat others nicely.

I am not feeling bad for myself. I wouldn't appreciate that you don't judge me without knowing me. That's one of my petpeeves.

I never said that civil rights is the equivalent of black rights. I know that the war is over. No need to talk to me like I am stupid.

There is still racism that goes here in USA too.

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