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Posted By: ex on: 09/26/2007 13:02:48 ET
Subject: RE: Belief of Eris as planet of Civil Rights,Equal Rights,Human Rights

Message Detail:
Hi Raymond, great post.It's nice to hear a fresh perspective! Thanks for the data-base for important Civil Rights moments. The current events in Jena LA. now certainly make your list, with Neptune sextile Eris.

I agree that Eris may have something to do with Civil Rights, particularly raising our awareness to injustice, but I also wonder if the other outer planets including asteroid Ceres which is an outer planet in her own weird sort of way are also involved in raising our consciousness to injustice and impelling us to struggle for fairness and change. Eris might lead us to recognize injustice and desire fairness, but Pluto would give power to effect change, Neptune allows us to experience the oneness of our lives with our fellow humans and creatures, and Uranus would give us the cajones to break with rigid traditions and unhealthy power structures in society. i'm just guessing that the correction of injustice is a collective raising of awareness to bring the outer planet energies into the inner circle of planets whose energies have been warped away from the "divine plan" through our own collective ignorance, laziness and ill will. that's just my own take on it though.

i enjoyed reading your bio. While i and many others know what it is like to desire to see fairness and equality under the law for others, many of us will never know what it is like to have to fight to see racial justice for ourselves and our own relations.

the desire for justice is universal. Several hundred years before Christ the Hindus said that when the kings of the Earth had become merely robbers and thieves, at the end of Kali Yuga our present age, Vishnu would incarnate again for the 10th time,as Kalki, riding a white horse and bearing a sword of truth to sweep away ignorance. This same myth found its way into the Book of Revelations as well. This figure would then rule with a rod of iron. To "rule with a rod of iron" doesn't mean thumping fools over the heads with a metal stick, it means to apply justice with a measuring stick which doesn't rot or warp or change proportions. Thus a black man for instance would not be given more prison time for a drug related charge than a white man would recieve for, say, murder, as is too often the case in America. Thus the tales of Vishnu the sustainer and the New Testament end with the same story; a very real, very human plee for justice and mercy.

forgive my out of bounds Sag moon ramblings, it is what it is...

i was intrigued to see that you have a Sun/Quaoar conjunction within about 3 degrees in Scorpio. I have this aspect in Libra. it seems both of us had fathers who suffered from debilitating neurological problems. My own father suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. He was sent to treatment from time to time following one bizzarre outburst or another. He exploded violently one night against my mother, and my brothers and sisters and i washed the blood off the walls and floor the next morning and he was sent to lockup for the remainder of his life. there is a webmaster of a particularly good outer planet karmic-astrology site who writes that his own mother suffered from this disease as well. He has a Sun/Quaoar conjunction in Virgo. It would be interesting to study this Sun/Quaoar connection more- touched by divine madness? and why do we hang out on this outer planet messageboard? wondering what you and others think of Sun/Quaoar connections...

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