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Posted By: Raymond N Andrews on: 09/13/2007 14:01:37 ET
Subject: Belief of Eris as planet of Civil Rights,Equal Rights,Human Rights

Message Detail:
I believe that Eris has to do with civil rights,human rights,equal
rights and standing up for self and for the things they believe in
I also believe that Eris has to do with stirring stuff up. as well as
challenging the status quo. The perfect example are civil rights
activists like Dr. Martin luther King Jr who stood up against the
unfairness of racism and lack of civil rights,human rights,equal
rights for Blacks. Those civil rights leaders were accused by
rigid,conservative,narrowminded,intolerant people as troublemakers who
challenging the status quo as well as standing up for themselves and
for the things that they believe in. Female civil rights activist,
Susan B. Anthony did the same thing. Also people like Nelson Mandela
against Apartheid in South Africa. Who can forget Malcolm X?
Abraham Lincoln stirred up crap and pissed off a lot of people in the
South for speaking out against slavery and that it doesn't belong in
USA. He really pissed people off when he freed the slaves. It took a
Civil War to abolish slavery completely in the USA. Abolutionist
Frederick Douglass,who was a former slave even believed that it was a
war to end slavery.

I am a strong believer in civil rights,human rights,equal rights....I
do stand up for myself and for the things that I believe
tolerance,acceptance,understanding of
relationships/dating/marriages,and all things of races,ethnic groups
as well as people with learning disabilities,ADHD,autistic spectrum
disorder, psychiatric disorders,and neurological disorders. I have
stirred up stuff,piss people off because I challenge the status quo
and point out the injustice,intolerance of societies in regards to
those things that I have just mentioned...especially when many people
including me experience that stuff.

I can strongly relate to Eris too

Sun conjunct the Eris South Node with 9 minutes of arc.
Sun oppose the Eris North Node with 10 minutes of arc.
Eris in 8th sextile Midheaven with 1 degree.
Mercury biquintile Eris with 6 minutes of arc.

October 29, 1971
San Francisco,CA
3:20 AM

another interesting thing.....

Eris was in the 11 to 12 degree of Gemini when African slaves were
brought to Jamestown,Virginia.

coincidentally, my Midheaven is also in the 11 to 12 degree Gemini

for the event of the first African slaves to Jamestown,Virginia, Eris
is within the same minute as my Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini.

It made me wonder if I was involving in that event as a slave or
somebody who participated in slavery in pastlife.

maybe civil rights leaders,slaves,and people who have gone through
racism,prejudice,and bigotry have a pastlife history of being the
abuser in those things themselves.

I feel that my multiethnic ancestry and multicultural heritage,family
helped me not be racist,bigot,prejudiced person. helped me to believe
in unity and universal love.
The same with my special education,learning disabilities that helped
me learn the lessons of humility too. I don't believe that I am better
than anybody. in fact, I grew up with an inferiority complex. I am a
lot more secure in myself now after gaining self awareness from
reading Astrology and stuff about learning disabilities and getting
mine resolved. That's why I am not ashamed of my past now that I can
share it with others to help raise awareness of the issues that I and
many other people have dealt with.

I feel that t-square of my Moon in Pisces in 6th square
Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini in 9th also
reflects all that.

the sabian symbol for 12 Gemini is:

A Negro Girl Fights For Her Independence In the City
'liberation from the ghosts of the past'

I am part Black on my father's side and grew up believing in my fellow
Pisces Moon Martin Luther King Jr's dream. My Pisces Moon father also
believed in his dream.
I am minority in so many way(Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,AD/HD,multiethnic
background,born from an interracial relationship,highly sensitive male
that doesn't fit the tradional male stereotype,Anxiety and Depression
Disorders) and spent my entire life struggling,fighting for equal,fair
treatment for myself and others. At times, I come off the wrong way
to others...especially by people who haven't gone through the things
that me and certain other people have gone through and so cannot
relate. I am very intense and passionate person who can be very
fierce in defending myself and others. I have a history of talking
back to my parents and getting hit for that...all because I speak out
against unfairness. My parents accused me of being disrespectful to
them. I couldn't respect my parents because they disrespected me by
their mistreatment and physical/emotional abuse. I do believe in
respecting people as a human being. But I won't bow down to anybody
who tells me to shut up and orders me around,and hits me like I am a
slave. Nobody should. That's why I admire people like Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr, Frederick Douglass,Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Susan B
Anthony....heck even my fellow Dyslexic Tom Cruise for the abuses that
psychiatry has done to people even though I don't believe in
Scientology. After all, just because a person doesn't fit with
society's norms doesn't necessarily mean that they need medication.

according to Lynda Hill;s book, 360 Degrees of Wisdom which is about
the Sabian Symbols,

Rising above conditioning and limitations. Standing up one's self.
Demanding better treatment. Seeking recognition and self-respect.
Being in charge of one's life. Breaking away from oppression. Wanting
a raise in pay or conditions. The need for freedom. Desiring property
and rewards. Rising up from an "underdog" position or situation. The
quest for identity.

The Caution: Feeling hard done by. Being demanding. Blaming others.
Bucking authority. Demanding to be recognized or noticed. Feeling used
and abused. Oppression and slavery. Jealousy and envy. Exploitation.

The Eris North Node is between 5 and 6 Taurus in the zodiac

The Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Taurus

according to Lynda Hill's book, 360 DEGREES WISDOM,

Keywords: Overcoming distance and separation. Endeavoring to build
continuity. Solving problems with creative solutions. Bridging
emotional chasms. Spanning gaps. Breaking down barriers. Structures
spanning distances between places or people. Conquering time and space
barriers. Physical limitations overcome. Taking one step at a time.
Avoiding looking down.

The Caution: Taking the long way round to avoid asking for help. Using
shortcuts to cut across the real issue. Only seeing the risks, not the
solutions to problems. The fear of establishing connections. The
pervading sense that it could all fall though at any moment. Extreme

The Eris South Node is between 5 and 6 degrees Scorpio in the zodiac.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Scorpio

according to Lynda Hill's book,360 DEGREES OF WISDOM

Keywords: Strong desires to move on. The longing and the search for
the easy fulfillment of hopes and dreams. Leaving one's native soil.
Having a cause or mission to pursue. Leaving home,people,family.
Dropping everything to chase a project. Pilgrimages. The search for
riches. Immigration and migration. Listen to clues. The search for the
Holy Grail. Pursuing a better life.

The Caution: Chasingg the impossible dream. Losing everything. Being
unrealistic or opportunistic. Not being content with what one's got.
The grass being greener elsewhere. Lusting after rewards that may be
unreal or transitory. Risking what one has for what one could have.
Wild goose chases.

Eris has been in 20 degrees Aries in the zodiac

Sabian Symbol for Aries 21 is:

according to Lynda Hill's 360 DEGREES OF WISDOM,

Keywords: Physical or psychological self-assertion and determination.
Attack or defense" Fighting for emotional,psychological,or physical
space. Being seen as a person of strength. Fighting on any level.
Being prepared to take a swing at someone or something. Stepping up to
the plate. Throwing down the gauntlet. Going after the title. Big vs.
small egos.

The Caution: Using force or power to dominate people or those who
challenge. Acting in a combative manner. Not displaying sportsmanship.
Wanting to knock people out. Looking for combat. Throwing punches at
anything. Belting,smacking,invading. Being punch-drunk.

There has been a lot of fighting for one's rights in general, and it
has been through both peaceful and warlike means.

I am thinking of Eris as stirring up things for a purpose. That can be
negative or positive...depending what the purpose is....if its for
equal rights,civil rights,human rights, then it can be a positive
thing. If it's just to hurt others and out of selfishness, then it's a
negative thing. The thing is really depends on what one perceives. A
person can have a certain intention that is behind their actions, but
not everybody will perceive that particular intention, others might
see that intention as something different.
Like John Brown was hanged as a criminal for violence in the South
right before the Civil War. But he was a man who was protesting
slavery. In the eyes of the South, Brown was a terrorist and criminal.
In the eyes of the Black slaves, Brown was a hero and freedom fighter.
The Civil War in USA was a war that ended slavery in the South. Before
the Civil War started, North was against slavery and South was for
slavery. The southerners thought that the Union troops who fought for
the North were in the wrong for fighting to end slavery. The
northerners and slaves would think the Union Army was righteous. the
northerners thought that the Confederacy troops who fought for the
South were in the wrong for fighting to preserve slavery was in the
wrong,but the southerners saw them as heroes. If I was born in those
days, I would have chosen to join the Union Army to fight against
slavery. My black father was born in the South(Louisiana).

Many people think Ossama Bin Laden is a terrorist, and some people
think that he is a hero who is leading the jihad against the
Americans. A lot of conservatives here in USA believed that Bush is
righteous in the fight against terrorism and defending Christianity. A
lot of liberals believe that he's an evil person and doesn't care
about the religious rights of others and there some compare him to Hitler.

A lot of people are for psychiatry think Tom Cruise is
stupid,dangerous for speaking out against psychiatry and the
psychiatric medications. There are people who are against psychiatry
who believe that Tom Cruise is making valid points for speaking out
against psychiatry and the psychiatric medications which are
prescribled unnecessarily,too much, and even forced on people who
don't need the medications as well as people who suffer from
psychiatric misdiagnoses/abuses. That's where I am on the side of Tom
Cruise. I spoke out against these things in ADHD forums,chatrooms, and
I was seen as a trouble maker and militant. These were people who were
strong believers in psychiatry. There have definitely been people who
believed that it was cool for me to point out the injustices and
misdiagnoses in psychiatry.

It's all in the perception.

Raising some hell is not particularly a bad thing if it's done for
good intentions and for others and not for bad and selfish intentions.


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