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Posted By: ex on: 08/7/2007 04:12:43 ET
Subject: Libra two-timer...

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The rulership ladder can be drawn up showing two co-rulers per sign. Saturn/Uranus for Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter/Neptune for Sagittarius and Pisces, Mars/Pluto for Scorpio and Aries and so on to Sol/Luna for both Leo and Cancer. This ladder hints that there could be a planet somewhere beyond Pluto as co-ruler of Libra and Taurus and a planet even beyond that as co-ruler of Virgo and Gemini.

Des posted a good bit here about dual rularships on 9/19/06. In the dual rulership picture each sign whether Yin or Yang has a Yin planetary ruler, and a Yang ruler. For instance the yin sign Capricorn is ruled by both Saturn (yin) and Uranus (yang).

Capricorns are supposedly conservative, rigid, undemonstrative, but look at Capricorns like Bo Diddly who infected Rockn'roll with a beat all his own (chunk kachunk kachunk, ka chunkchunk...) Or Patti Smith who wedded beat poetry to punk rock with her album "Horses" and whose recent album "Trampin'" had such gems as "Radio Baghdad'("we invented the zero, but we mean nothing to you...") (i'll have her song "Beneath a Southern Cross" played at my funeral whenever i get around to dying :-) Meanwhile the ideological guide of our current government in the states is an Aquarian vice president, Dick Cheney, who despite the scientific predilections of the sign has succesfully blocked scientific findings and research in order to forward the conservative agenda. In a very Capricorn manner this same Dick has also very succesfully transferred our national treasury into the private business sector. He spoke about the need for a "shadow government" soon after 9-11 and hinted at governmental use of torture- To some Cheney might seem more to embody the Saturnian Dark Father ("Dark Pater" or "Darth Vader") than the rebellious and humanistic Promethean Uranian.

Aries and Scorpio are generally held to be co-ruled by Pluto (yin) and Mars (yang). This is a brilliant mixture of fire and ice that balances these signs so that neither extreme gets so bad as to warp and destroy us where we stand. Pluto imparts wisdom, depth and focus to Aries, while Mars lends heat and exuberence to Scorpio so that one doesn't freeze solid in unforgiveness, wounded by hatred and jealousy.

Taurus and Libra are generally taken to be co-ruled by Venus and possibly some planet, i'm not going to mention any names, beyond Pluto and the Kuiper belt proper. Of course Librans are co-ruled by Venus, it seems silly to dispute that. She is the yin ruler of the yinnest yang sign there is, Libra. So who is Libra's yang ruler? Who would compliment the sensual, pleasure seeking Aphrodite? I don't believe we're looking for an exact opposite here, like some shapeless goonfaced frump in tacky sackcloth, but more a higher octave of Beauty...

So Taurus has a yang co-ruler? certain taureans strike me as ...curious. Salvador Dali, Physicist Richard Feynmam, David Byrne of Talking Heads fame, my sister the astrologer, Grace Jones, Bono in his "Mephisto" persona... they have a certain modernity and twitchiness to them, as if they were/are exploring the link between consciousness and the mechanical limitations of our beings and showing us the humor of such endeavors. Of course "I might be wrong" (as the twitchy Libra Thom Yorke sings).

So Gemini and Virgo are co-ruled by yang Mercury and some yet to be determined/discovered yin planet that encapsules the famed razor-sharp softness of the Virgoan demeanor. The "ladder" seems to suggest a planet a hop skip and a jump from Neptune. Yet tiny Ceres also very much seems to operate as a "higher frequency" of Mercury. For instance Mercury is exhalted in Aquarius and Ceres also is very strong in that sign. (For instance, Ceres was in Aquarius during Rosa Park's moment of defiance, during the Stonewall riot, during the first Woodstock festival, and during the Bald Mountain incident that began the new confrontational style of the environmental movement. She was in Aquarius when AIDS was first mentioned in the press, after it had already spread but before it was pandemic. She was in Aquarius when Al Gore's documentary presented us with an inconvenient truth regarding global warming. Ceres has chutzpah but i don't know if she is a ruler of Virgo, or like Chiron, a transcendental element in the heavens which operates with a certain freedom from the "circle of twelve" archetypes. time, and insight from all you other astrologers will tell.

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