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Posted By: antex on: 07/20/2007 12:50:33 ET
Subject: Libra flipflop...

Message Detail:
it seems some people would like to debate the Dwarf planet rulership question so i thought i'd throw this thread in.

As far as rulership goes i'm sticking with Valerie Vaughan's twelve body model, with Ceres as ruler of Virgo and the (at the time of her writing) unseen, unknown pluto-like planet just beyond the Kuiper belt proper as the ruler of Libra. The symetry of this arrangement is too good for a Libra like myself to discount, and the tidiness of the arrangement is too much for a Virgo rising like myself to ignore.

i look back on these posts written all those months ago and smile ruefully at my youthful naivete. being several lunar returns older and wiser now i find myself admitting that i really don't know about Ceres as ruler of Virgo. The chaotic maelstrom of some of her appearances seems so raw and primaevel compared to humble helpful Virgo. it's as if she seeks the vortex of that creative dance that brought the planets into being from those clouds of stardust in our proto solarsystem, but of course her own dance was never completed, due to the gravitational effects of Jupiter and the Sun, and lack of sufficient material there in the asteroid zone to build a full sized planet with.

The rulership ladder can be drawn up showing two co-rulers per sign. Saturn/Uranus for Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter/Neptune for Sagittarius and Pisces, Mars/Pluto for Scorpio and Aries and so on to Sol/Luna for both Leo and Cancer. This ladder hints that there could be a planet somewhere beyond Pluto as co-ruler of Libra and Taurus and a planet even beyond that as co-ruler of Virgo and Gemini.

i had the good fortune to see astronomer Michael Brown at a public presentation in L.A in June. He talked about his discovery of Eris, and his hope for future discoveries beyond. He feels that the presence of Sedna points to the possibility of a couple of Mercury sized actual planets out there, time will tell. He and his team are recombing the skies that they already searched these many years, this time with more sophisticated software to allow them to find more distant objects. Michael Brown is a Gemini so it would be cosmically fitting for him to discover a possible co-ruler of Gemini/Virgo in the future :-)

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