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Posted By: ex on: 07/13/2007 13:17:03 ET
Subject: Eris, Beauty or Beast?

Message Detail:
Two works stand out as coinciding with the discovery of Eris. One is the hit musical "Wicked" which opened Oct 30 2003 (on Halloween), a revisioning of the "Wicked" witch Elphaba of Oz. The other is the appearance of the Gospel of Judas, whose existence was revealed in July 2004. This offered a revisioning of "wicked" disciple Judas.

The modern Elphaba and newly discovered Judas Iscariot certainly stand out as two "Erisian" characters. Both were highly gifted mystics, misunderstood and later suffered the negative projections of conventional society, becoming demonized.

Before the 1st house Martian "fight or flight" response kicks in, we make a crucial 7th house judgement, "friend or foe?" The 7th house is where we project our animus or anima, our inner "other". Our partners recieve these projections.We also project on our open enemies. We idolize or demonize.

Robert Hand wrote of Venus in "Horoscope Symbols" "One should not confuse "beautiful" with "pretty", even though the beautiful is often also pretty. Much beautiful art is also grotesque- the gargoyles on medievel cathedrals for example. Truly beautiful art, however, also expresses a truth that was not apparent before, and this is what makes it beautiful." It would be interesting to see if this take on beauty applies to newly discovered Eris.

I'm not saying that all our demons are misunderstood Erisians. All my studies so far lead me to believe that Eris is a creative, clarifying and beneficial influence to those receptive to her energies. The actions of some figures we have demonized such as Bin Laden or Hitler have shown a fervent hatred of those forms of being and expression that we might classify as Erisian. The Taliban blew up the ancient giant Buddha statues and the Nazis repressed modern jazz music and the amazing abstract expressionist paintings of the 1930s. The Taliban stoned liberated women to death and the Nazis murdered Gypsies and homosexuals, in short, anyone who made life more colorful and vibrant. Some we demonize, but some through their actions demonize themselves.

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