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Posted By: Amable on: 07/10/2007 15:11:45 ET
Subject: If Athenea is the goddess of wisdom and militar strategy and Hera is the goddess of marriage, why they claimed Eris apple

Message Detail:
We all know that Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty!!!

When Eris is activated by the Age Point or by transit, the main theme that points, is to find who we really are and who we could be, because that is the necesary condition for having a deep motivation in life and experience a strong flow in what we are doing.

When Eris comes into play, there is always another chance for set our life on the right path if we took the wrong road before. There is also a chance for fix up or restore the mistakes we did in the past. One of my favourite movies when I was young was "Labyrinth" (1986), in wich the adolescent Sarah (Jennyfer Connelly) wants her babybrother be taken by the King of the Goblins (David Bowie as Eris), but when he really disappears, she sufers a strong repelence and cames into the Labyrinth to find back her babybrother.

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