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Posted By: Kadiya on: 07/1/2007 09:54:09 ET
Subject: New interpretation of Eris

Message Detail:
After doing alot of re-reading of the Eris' Golden Apple story, I came to this conclusion:

She's NOT ENTIRELY responsible for the Trojan War.

Sure, she threw a golden apple into the crowd of goddesses because she wasn't invited to the party (due to her ugliness). However, it was Venus who bribed Paris (the male human judge of the pagent) to win that golden apple. Venus (aka Aphrodite) told Paris if he gave her the apple, she will give him the hand of Helen of Troy. Paris, of course, accepted the tempting offer. And as we all know, it was the relationship between Paris and Helen of Troy that started the war.

Venus is mostly at fault for the Trojan War (because of the bribe). The rest of the pantheon is also at fault for not inviting Eris because she was ugly. Eris took the fall for all of them. What a sucky bunch of deities...

Another thing I noticed is that Eris is good at exploiting weaknesses, which is great if your into improving your karma and spiritual self. I have my Sun in Saggie in the 12th house, so Eris has become invaluable to discovering the kinks in my life. Once I know the problem, then it can be fixed.

In the case of the goddesses, their problems as a whole were insecurity about themselves and greed. Notice that all the other goddesses rely on their beauty in their life. They can never develop their inner self because they never can lose their beauty. With human beings, we know that beauty is fleeting and when we lose it, we need to rely on something else. Some rely on plastic surgery but most of us develop our inner lives (spiritual, mental, emotional).

Just imagine what was going through those goddess' minds as they competed for the apple:

Juno: "If I don't win this, my husband will replace me!"

Pallas (aka Athena): "If I don't win this, daddy won't love me."

Venus: "If I don't win this, I'll be mocked at forever! I'll lose my reputation! I'll never get hot lovin' again! AGH!!!!!"

Just goes to show you how shallow those goddesses were. (:P)

Eris could also be the ruler of problem finders, hackers, and consultants.

I believe if Eris (retrograded or not) is in negative aspect (large or small) to Venus, it could mean that person has a potential to start a major destructive conflict. Again, my take on this is, "If you know about the problem, you can fix it." I'm not sure what negative aspects to Pallas and Juno would mean.

For example, President George W. Bush has the following Eris issues in his chart:

Venus (1st house, 21 degree Leo) sesquisquare retrograde Eris (9th house, 6 degrees Aries)

Cardinal T-Square #1: Pallas (5th house, 4 degree Capricorn) is squared with both Neptune (3rd house, 5 degree Libra)and retrograde Eris. Retrograde Eris and Neptune are in opposition. Pallas is the apex.

Cardinal T-Square #2: Pallas is squared with both Quaoar (3rd house, 0 degree Libra)and retrograde Eris. Retrograde Eris and Quaoar are in opposition in this formation.

The Venus/Eris situation really proves that Bush can and will act like Venus in the apple story. Despite being a minor aspect, sesquisquares always indicate "making a mountain out of a molehill". The relationship between these two bodies in his chart also indicate that his philosophy goes hand-in-hand with his self image. It goes to show that if you give Eris an inch, she will take a mile or five.

In both Cardinal T-Squares, Eris is 'contained' by Pallas. However, T-Squares are all about the mental/emotional part of a person. This 'enslaved' Eris does still has her power to tempt and manipulate Jupiter's "little girl". While in this position, Eris is much like Malificent in Sleeping Beauty or the evil queen in Snow White. Being the apex planet, Pallas generates the action of the T-Square. That action is directed towards material things which Eris uses to her full advantage. Eris' manipulations put stress on Pallas and anything related to the 5th house (pleasure, kids, etc.) Pallas MUST HAVE that golden apple!

Thank you for reading this long post. I hope my explanation helps in determining what Eris should mean in astrological terms.


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