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Posted By: Kadiya on: 07/1/2007 06:33:08 ET
Subject: Quaoar, Uranus, Juno at 9 degree Scorpio in 10th !!!!

Message Detail:
Okay, I have a really screwy astro situation for you that needs some interpretation. I didn't see anyone else mention a phenominon like this so I thought I should be the first. Now check this out:

Uranus -- 10th house, 9 degree Scorpio, 41 minutes
Juno -- 10th house, 9 degree Scorpio, 49 minutes
Quaoar -- 10th house, 9 degree Scorpio, 13 minutes

The first time I saw this I thought: "Uranus and Juno (a.k.a. Hera) making out... EW!!!" How can Juno go with ugly and disgusting Uranus? He may be a bad boy, but he's butt ugly! This has to be revenge for Jupiter's fooling around... LOL!

Now to make things even better, these three bodies GRAND TRINE with the centaur Pholus (3rd house, 12 degree Pisces, 15 minutes) and Part of Fortune (6th house, 3 degree Cancer,

As a side note, Jupiter quincunx Mid Heaven and the North Node is in 10th house, 2 degree Scorpio, 59 minutes.

Any opinions and interpretations are welcomed.


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