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Posted By: Greg.M on: 06/15/2007 21:23:43 ET
Subject: RE: Eris inclination

Message Detail:
I was looking at Eris's position and apparently it is now in Cetus. Because it is so highly inclined, it spends very little time in the zodiac, so I was wondering how astrologers deal with that.

Planets position can be "influental" even if they are high off the ecliptic, so I only use latitudes and declinations as important when they have the same inclination as another planet. Then the 2 planets energies are relating, so to speak.
By the way, astrologers consider Eris currently to be in the sign Aries, (now on the 21st degree of Aries), since they use the modern 12 constellations.
If a planet is around 0 latitude or declination I consider it more influental, yet would like to hear other astrologers and astronomers opinion on that: If a planet comes to 0 declination or latitude, does that make it more influential for life on Earth, even if it doesn't have the same degree of dec. or lat. as another planet?

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