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Posted By: ex on: 05/17/2007 13:42:05 ET
Subject: RE: Eris ephemeris

Message Detail:
I was looking at Eris's position and apparently it is now in Cetus. Because it is so highly inclined, it spends very little time in the zodiac, so I was wondering how astrologers deal with that.

most practitioners of western astrology wont have to deal with the high inclination of Eris, and any other high inclination Scattered Disc Objects that may yet be out there, because we use the tropical zodiac which divides the sky into twelve wedges like a grapefruit according to the seasons of Earth, using the solstices and equinoxes. Because of precession the constellations themselves travel through the tropical signs, maybe 2,100 years per sign, so it would be sketchy at best to come up with hard and fast interpretations of a planet in a particular constellation when stars in that constellation are no longer perpendicular to the tropical point of the ecliptic they were at say 800 years ago.

Because of precession we would have to come up with astrological interpretations for Cetus in the first sign at the vernal equinox where it is now, second sign, third sign and so on up to the twelfth sign. Since it takes about 26,000 years for Cetus to swim across the entire tropical zodiac we would be making some extreme presumptions to come up with meaningful deep psychological interpretations for this constellation in the 12 signs. The human race (Homo sapien sapiens) is only what, 200,000 years old? That's not even 10 Great Years yet, we are mere children compared to more ancient species such as Cetus. And our Western astrology is only what, 5,000 years old? It was pretty much born when they pinched the claws off the Scorpion to make the Scales, completing the circle of 12 we are familiar with today.

I'm not saying it's impossible to come up with a meaningful Tropical/Siderial blend, the grand unified theory (GUT) of astrology, I'm just pointing out a major hurdle. But Eris seems to offer us astrologers the opportunity to look up from the ecliptic. The zodiac is no longer a hoop, it is a bowl... Some astrologers have already been showing us this bowl even as Eris was discovered.


The Western astrological cosmos looks like a grapefruit, neatly divided into twelve wedges, with the great Northern constellation coiled around the North ecliptic Pole, and the tail of the Piscean rainbowed Mahi-mahi at the south ecliptic pole. Ephemerides measure planetary positions from their perpedicularity to the ecliptic and these poles...the fixed stars are the grapefruit seeds, the planets are little friendly grapefruit wyrms crawling around the center according to gravitational laws. The earth is at the center of this geocentric picture...

As far as the gods all being invited to that fateful Earthly wedding except for Eris...She remembered that the gods would all have to become incarnate to attend a wedding on Earth. The apple (arguably a golden grapefruit) represents the cosmos. Inscribed around the outside was the phrase "It'sil Lak" which simply translates from the ancient pygmalion-latin as "Hecho en Mexico". In their carnal earthly forms the three women gods forgot, as carnate gods are sometimes apt to do, that they were reading the inscription from the inside out,so they saw "Kallisti" and the rest is history...

The traditional glyph of Eris, called the five fingered hand of Eris )l( looks like the circle of soul popped by the ray of creation, completely emptied and open to the cosmos now, both creative and reflective, both asking and answering...

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