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Posted By: ex on: 04/22/2007 17:00:46 ET
Subject: aries sturmdrang...

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so much happening, where to begin in a manner honoring the new planets... first of all, Rest in Peace Kilgore Trout, rest with your creator, thank you for the stories...

The Sun's passage through aries along with its first conjunction with the dwarf planet adorned with its new name saw so much chaos and tradgedy this month...

On Friday the 13th of April South Korea announced its plan to withdraw from the Iraq war. This same day it was announced that a high level document from 1950 said that U.S troops were given illegal orders to shoot Korean refugees in the Korean War. The document bears the same date as the No Gun Ri massacre, in which hundreds of women and children were killed. No Gun Ri was supposedly only one incident of many like it during the Korean War. The LA Times printed a small blurb about it in the middle of the April 15th Sunday addition, using the smallest typeface for the title, and sandwiched it between an article on a royal breakup in England, and a large macy's shoe advertisement...meanwhile a bizarre storm was tearing across the U.S east coast, during the old moon of unfinnished karmic business... and of course the next day saw the terrible tradgedy in Virginia.

Old karmic wounds, storm and then tradgedy... First about storms, particularly capricious "freak weather" events... Michael Roads wrote in his 1990 book "Journey Into Nature" "'s rather shocking to learn that negative energy can only be expressed by returning to its point of origin. I had no idea that cause and effect worked within atmospheric levels. Knowing that our mental garbage can accumulate in the atmosphere and then be dumped back on us in the destructive fury of a storm is rather frightening. It's the sow-and-reap effect! Just imagine the effect if we could create that much love and joy!"...

"If you plant ice you're going to harvest wind..."

The Grateful Dead

Just some thoughts as Sedna continues on through the sign ruled by peaceful Venus, and Eris journeys through the sign ruled by aggressive Mars. I believe we will have "made it" as a species when the term "War Crime" is at last considered a redundant statement. We aren't there yet.

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