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Posted By: e.x. on: 01/29/2007 14:10:04 ET
Subject: eris inconjunct revisited...

Message Detail:
it'd be good if we could grasp what the Eris inconjunct is about because the aspect is so directly effecting the people of my generation born in the mid-60's. Eris in transit is now making a yod to our natal Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These people are undergoing changes, some of them drastic. transformations of mind and spirit which are giving us the potential energy to creatively transform ossified structures around us, but the old order in the end may not be too happy about this :-(

of course, that depends on if the idea is correct that Eris inconjunct represents the potential for "discordant synthesis". the examples of Dylan and John Lennon were already given, here's a non-musical example...

Scientist Carl Sagan has been in the news of late, it being ten years since his death. He was on the cover of the latest Skeptical Enquirer and his chart was also in the Mountain Astrologer magazine so i'm sure many other astrologers have also noticed Eris in his chart.11th house Eris at 2Aries26 makes a tight inconjunct to his 6th house Mercury at 3Scorpio28.Sagan was in one way or other behind most of the robotic space probes of the last millenium (such as Viking and Voyager missions) and also the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) and this shows up neatly in his Mercury/Eris inconjunct.

Also of interest is the dance Eris in transit did with his chart ruler Venus 14Scorpio34 (he is a Taurus rising) from the summer of 1978 until 1983. Eris was inconjunct his Venus these years. He helped produce the series "Cosmos" in 1978 and 1979, and it was shown on PBS in 1980. i was in junior highschool and remember being enthralled night after night by his discourse on history, science in the present, and our future, as the music of Vangelis played hypnotically. it became the most popular PBS show ever. "Cosmos" certainly left an impact on my life which led to my choice of a math/science curriculum in college.
But again, the Eris inconjunct comes with a price. Carl Sagan was nominated for membership in the National Academy of Sciences in 1992, but was turned down. David Morrison writes in his article in Skeptical Enquirer, "Most colleagues agreed that Sagan's research record was more than adequate...For all his accomplishments- or perhaps because of some of them- influential members of the academic "old boys" network never accepted him."

Eris was doing the inconjunct dance to Sagan's natal Sun at 16Scorpio50 from the summer of 1987 until 1991. it was with the crumbling of Soviet East Europe and the Gulf War that his scientific credulity undeservedly diminished. Massive cutbacks were made in the space exploration program and the Long Winter he predicted from the torching of Kuwaiti oil wells never materialized. (it was another atmospheric phenomenon he described that he will always be remembered for, "the Greenhouse Effect")

Sagan spent his last years struggling against "pseudosciences" including astrology. He was certainly not as rabid as other skeptics. Morrison quotes "The chief difficulty I see in the skeptical movement is in its polarization: Us vs. Them- the sense that we [skeptics] have a monopoly on the truth; that those other people who believe all these stupid doctrines are morons." er, thanks, i think...

Although the Eris transit inconjunct his natal Sun was negative in many ways in his public life, perhaps it was due to the narrow confines of of the scientific field he had to work in. He believed that science and religion needed each other, and met with the Pope and the Dalai Lama. He famously refused to sign a science petition denegrating astrology because of the paper's "authoritative tone".

Just some thoughts on Sagan, and i'm sure others have found the same things with Eris in his chart. it is a testament to his life that he is so greatly respected by skeptics, scientists, and even many astrologers... peaceout.

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