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Posted By: el xarko on: 01/11/2007 15:31:47 ET
Subject: Disunenfinification

Message Detail:
Hi Ryoin! hopefully you got my e-mail and you can settle your grievances against me in private debate, instead of us cluttering up this message board with potentially fruitless exchanges. Toward good fruit! :-)

In reply to some of your criticisms:

1) You say that Libra/Venus can't understand music, as they just don't "get" abstraction and music is under the influence of nepTune and Pisces. Amigo, the planets ARE music, that's what underlies this dance of creation, and it is "symphony of the spheres, plural, not sphere. Paracelsus wrote "If any musicians were open to recieve her (Venus') light, they would create a music more beautiful, more celestial, than the tunes of the past which are repeated mechanically." Neptune includes states of intoxication, which some music can bring us to. But when i listen to Orph's "Carmina Baruna" or The Angry Samoans' "They Saved Hitler's C*ck" i am transported to Mars, not Neptune. Music is a train which can take us anywhere, the principle behind holy chants. When i compared RocknRoll to Scorpio and Folk Music (and the "folk purists") to Virgo i was simply asking that one take note of the qualities of these genres that fall under these signs.

2)"I fail to see this magical symmetry..." Have you looked? It's not "magical", it's geometrically "symmetrical". Astrologer Dan Giamario had one of these published, in a 1997 i believe, issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. His common sense approach to cosmic questions fueled my early studies in astrology and cosmology.

Another model is what is called "The Shaker Round Table". Draw a twelve pointed star (dodecagram) without lifting pencil from paper. (hint: draw it from the yod) Arrange the planets in order of "apparent motion" from fastest to slowest. :-O

Another model is called the "Rainbow Accordian". This includes Chiron, and does not include Eris. (hint-think "square" aspect) This model doesn't work because it was just too yang for the poor bodies between Saturn and Uranus and what icy cometary nuclei weren't gravitationally booted out or boiled away from the sun were the poor tiny Centaurs.

These models and others are simply based on the geometry of the circle of twelve. Unfortunately we live in a time where many of us are not only deaf to the symphony of the spheres, we are blind to it as well! Life has been reduced to a neurotic polarity between work and concentrate 6th house, and relax and vegetate 12th house.

Ceres is Taurean and Cancer? This Goddess who in the Greek myths travelled as a homeless vagabond, gave us agricultural innovations and held a king's son to the fire? All i'm saying is that there are more adjectives.

A prime note of contention between skeptics and astrologers is the belief that astronomers intuitively give planets their proper astrological names, without meaning to. Can people who don't even believe in a "symphony of the spheres" be moved by unknown energy fields to do this? Perhaps it happens. One might admit that there is a certain misogyny that exists in the left cerebral hemisphere dominated field of science. For instance, all the features of the planet Venus are named for Goddesses, the "Plains of Hera" for instance, but the tallest mountain on Venus is "Maxwell Mons", yes, a man standing triumphantly over the women beneath his feet, like the cover of an old "Conan" novel. And the planet Eris who astrologically may prove to be quite less bitchy than her mythological moniker suffers as well. But if one takes under account her modern mythology as granted by the Discordians, perhaps she was justly named after all!

I don't doubt that you might return to the forum, Ryoin, and criticize my every point in this post (Hail Eris!). Again, i will only continue the debate via private e-mails, if you are willing- at any rate, i've completed what i set out to do on this forum,whatever that was, i thank Richard for offering the art of astrology such a fertile ground to explore these new planets in- best of life y'all!

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