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Posted By: el xarko on: 01/10/2007 14:42:18 ET
Subject: en fin...

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The twelve body astrological model is exciting in that it would represent the culmination of traditional western astrology, the climax of Ptolemy's work and the ilk. But i would just like to say that the new planets that don't fit this rulership picture, the "Homeless Wanderers" if you will, represent the step beyond this classical picture into the "new" astrology. These bodies would include the likes of Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygeia, Chiron, Quaoar, Sedna and a myriad of others.

My reason for not using these planets in my own studies is simply due to a lack of talent and sensitivity on my own part in reading meaningful interpretations into a chart with these. (i once dated a multitasking Aries who could not understand my inability to do three things at once. ( i would like to add that the Virgo reputation for criticism is highly overated, Virgos have humility. Aries can have them beat by a longshot as far as nagging goes! ;-) But i do know that astrologers have found very meaningful interpretations using these lesser bodies.

So twelve planet astrology is analogous to Einstein's equations which simply completed Newtonian mechanics. The New Astrology (New Astrologies will always exist so long as there are New Astrologers) is analogous to the Quantum Mechanics which can take our understanding into whole new directions. So less filling or great taste, as the old beer commercial went, the choice is yours (Bows, exits prematurely) )l(

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  • Un-en fin - Ryoin 01/11/2007 11:21:11 ET (1)

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