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Posted By: el xarko on: 01/6/2007 16:18:29 ET
Subject: thread for Eris rulership debate...

Message Detail:
it seems some people would like to debate the Dwarf planet rulership question so i thought i'd throw this thread in.

As far as rulership goes i'm sticking with Valerie Vaughan's twelve body model, with Ceres as ruler of Virgo and the (at the time of her writing) unseen, unknown pluto-like planet just beyond the Kuiper belt proper as the ruler of Libra. The symetry of this arrangement is too good for a Libra like myself to discount, and the tidiness of the arrangement is too much for a Virgo rising like myself to ignore.

probably many in the know must have guessed that i haven't been writing about Eris from an Erian perspective in my posts. i think the perspective is from my (in my belief) chart ruler Ceres in Cancer in the tenth house. i believe Ceres was shortchanged in her astrological deliniations when the smaller asteroids were found soon after her discovery (Her discovery of course coinciding with Eris' ingress to Aquarius). she was given moo-cow qualities of nurturing, just dripping with estrogen and Lunar/Jupiter stuff. but i'm guessing that there is a bigger list of adjectives to describe her energies that were given to the lesser roids instead.

(it's a fact that almost a quarter (9 of 42) u.s presidents had Ceres in Aquarius, though a little research might show that this was no guarantee of competence. Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon had fairly tight Ceres MC/IC axis conjunctions. Catherine the Great also had a very prominent Ceres.)

i apollogize that my accounts of Eris were so absurdly intellectual, i was seeking to make her power clear; the real test will be to see how she stands in the charts of everyday people like ourselves. i'm guessing that since most of us don't spend our lives focused intently on one intellectual pursuit or other (aside from astrology maybe ;-)) i'm guessing her energy may show up in our inner and outer lives as *charm*, both noun and adjective.

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