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Posted By: el xarko on: 12/26/2006 21:23:34 ET
Subject: RE: Eris and arts

Message Detail:
one finds that Eris' sign ingresses seem to figure prominently in English history. Her ingress to Cancer saw the Domesday Book completed for William the Conqueror in 1086, a census of all his lands in England.(Cancer of course associated with the home, homeland in this case). Her ingress to Capricorn saw in 1215 the signing of the Magna Carta , the famous document which limited the rights of the King. (Capricorn and Saturn are to Sagittarius and Jupiter much as Hera was to Zeus, forever watchful of his dalliances and ready to cut him off at the quick). Eris' ingress to Aries, again, saw Chaucer's writing of The Canterbury Tales, the first great book in the English language, full of ribald stories and some astrological lore as well. Her next ingress to Cancer saw the Start of the English Civil War, which would pit parliamentary forces against the autocratic forces of Charles l. Parliament would eventually win. When Eris was next in Capricorn some more documents limiting the power of the King of England were signed. These were America's Declaration of Independence and in 1787 the United States Constitution.(The U.S constitution served to limit the power of the U.S president)

Eris may be found to figure into law and big dusty books. Maybe she favors parliamentary and representational types of government as opposed to autocracies (Sun and Jupiter)

The great Italian book,Dante's Divine Comedy, and the great American novel, Melville's Moby Dick were both written with Eris at 3-4 degrees Pisces...

no doubt some Right brain intuitive astrologers will be thrown on some bad trips with their sensitivity to the Eris myth. people will wish to project all kinds of negative Earth-dense fear vibes on her white surface... i've been hoping that maybe they can take the step that the Discordians took in 1959 and adopt Eris as the Great trip she is, and the Curse of Greyface be damned... Peaceout

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