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Posted By: Ryoin on: 12/24/2006 01:57:57 ET
Subject: RE: Eris in Aspect to Sun, 2 minutes from exact

Message Detail:
You state this:
I am leaning toward the theory of Libran rulership.

And then this:
Venus in retrograde conjunct the Sun.

Well...I think I've found the cause of your Libra bias-ness. :P

first of all a rulership,if any, must be found for Eris before astrologers can determine the meaning of her transits through the twelve signs, and that could take years as evidence is gathered from astrologers from all quarters, and as significant new planets are discovered beyond Pluto's orbit. But if Eris is accepted as a tentative ruler for Libra, or at least placeholder til a new discovery is made then astrological understanding of a Sun/Eris quincunx should appear then as well.

First of all, I do not agree with this statement. The asteriods and the hypothetical planets have all been given meanings and interpretations, though they rule no sign. While I'm on this point, I'd like to introduce the argument that a name should not set the rules for the planet's personality, but that the planet's personality should set the name. The seven traditional planets were named in such ways throughout all cultures due to the Ancient's observations of their interactions and the effects they caused on Earth. While signs and the planets that rule them do share a lot in common, they are not the exact same. Eris and the sign she rules will not be the same, but somewhat similar as is the case with Neptune and Pisces. Pisces has often been associated with psychism, while the god Neptune had no psychic abilities.

Music, by the way, has often been associated with Pisces and Neptune. It's a different type of art, a kind the Libra/Venus duality couldn't grasp as it can't be seen and physically appreciated.

Anyway, so as not to hijack the topic of this thread (though, I believe it was inevitable as someone else would have had it not been myself), an inconjunction, like xarko said, is simply when two planets are in signs that have nothing to do with each other. Unlike an opposition where there is at least a modality simularity, an inconjunction has nothing. I think of it as a couple of roommates who come from completely different backgrounds, but are forced to live together. The only tool they have up their sleeves is compromise, however painful that may be.

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