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Posted By: el xarko on: 12/22/2006 16:38:45 ET
Subject: RE: Eris in Aspect to Sun, 2 minutes from exact

Message Detail:
It's inconjunct.
Eris is in my 2nd
(Sun is conjunct the MC)...

sun 13'55 scorpio
eris 13'53 aries

I am leaning toward the theory of Libran rulership.

I definitely manipulate my social environment
when I make dissability my means of income.

I suppose,
I compartmentalize the energies
in the sense that
I am free to pursue self-realization
without worrying about making money(?).

Although, this might also be attributed to
Pisces on the 2nd, Pisces SNode in the 2nd,
Saturn in Virgo, Saturn in the 8th,
and/or Venus in retrograde conjunct the Sun, Uranus, and Midheaven.

I don't know.
Any thoughts (anyone)
on how this tight quincunx might manifest for me?


Hi V. i thought i'd try to answer your question in the vein of my post last week about the planets and aspects. hopefully more experienced astrologers can answer your question in more depth though.

first of all a rulership,if any, must be found for Eris before astrologers can determine the meaning of her transits through the twelve signs, and that could take years as evidence is gathered from astrologers from all quarters, and as significant new planets are discovered beyond Pluto's orbit. But if Eris is accepted as a tentative ruler for Libra, or at least placeholder til a new discovery is made then astrological understanding of a Sun/Eris quincunx should appear then as well.

The sign of the autumnal equinox,Libra, appears between the sign of growing things (Virgo, associated with the goddess Demeter or the Roman Ceres) and the sign associated with death (Scorpio, associated with Pluto). Virgo and Scorpio are both Quincunx Aries, the Cardinal sign of spring's renewal. Now what came between Pluto and Demeter in myth was Demeter's daughter Persephone. She literally became the fulcrum between life and death.Now the quincunx aspect is between two signs which share Nothing in common, not polarity(yin or yang) not modality (Cardinal fixed or mutable), not element (Earth,Water, Air or Fire). the traditional interpretation of the quincunx is that since there is no communication between the two planets involved adjustments are needed for the person with this in their chart, first this, then that. what might be the case though is that the ruler of Libra, in the goddess aspect of Persephone, might actually throw a bridge across this aspect, so to speak. Rather than two planets awkwardly doing this then that, she might join these energies in a wholly new and original way.

Example from ancient history- Way back before 1965 folk music was one thing(traditional music format about simple working people, farmers and politics(Virgoan), Rock n'Roll was another(new loud "dangerous" negro music about cars and teenage love(Scorpionic), and never the twain should meet. But in 1965 Uranus and Pluto conjuncted in Virgo in Quincunx to Eris in Aries. Bob Dylan plugged an electric guitar in at Newport folk festival and amidst all the boos,catcalls and cries of betrayal, folkrock was born.(Basically Rockn'Roll with deeper,Beat lyrics) Read the lyrics to Dylan's classic "Like a Rolling Stone" from this period- it is simply a retelling of the Persephone myth...

Persephone-"Pretty princess on the steeple and all the pretty people they're just drinkin', thinkin, that they've got it made" Persephone was the naive young goddess out picking flowers with friends before her abduction.

Pluto-"You said you'd never compromise, with the mystery tramp but now you realise, that he's not selling any alibis, as you stare into the vacuum of his eyes, and say do you want to make a deal?" Pluto was her abductor

Demeter-"How does it feel, to be on your own, with no direction home, a complete unknown, like a rolling stone" Demeter became a homeless vagabond,disguised, searching the earth for her missing daughter. (The "rolling stone" here also reminiscent of the turning stone wheels which grind the world's grains)

Example 2- John Lennon was born with a tight yod between Aries Eris, Venus in Virgo and Moon in Aquarius. His Eris/Venus yod showed up big time in his early art with Yoko. Their famous "Bed-in for Peace" for example, and their album "Two Virgins". Private issues of marital intimacy coupled with pioneering Aries art created a controversial synthesis, not "first this in their life here, then this discretely over there.

Which brings us to the Quincunx in your life, V. The way you wrote your question to begin with, in the form of a poem, seems to indicate synthesis of some sort going on in your life as well! You may have some interesting career ahead of you, though what it will be is anybodies guess, let it happen but don't force it because it will certainly rankle some feathers of the old order.

i hope that somewhere in these ramblings are some ideas which may help you in your search V. Best of life!

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