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Posted By: Valerian on: 12/20/2006 03:10:11 ET
Subject: Eris in Aspect to Sun, 2 minutes from exact

Message Detail:
It's inconjunct.
Eris is in my 2nd
(Sun is conjunct the MC)...

sun 13'55 scorpio
eris 13'53 aries

I am leaning toward the theory of Libran rulership.

I definitely manipulate my social environment
when I make dissability my means of income.

I suppose,
I compartmentalize the energies
in the sense that
I am free to pursue self-realization
without worrying about making money(?).

Although, this might also be attributed to
Pisces on the 2nd, Pisces SNode in the 2nd,
Saturn in Virgo, Saturn in the 8th,
and/or Venus in retrograde conjunct the Sun, Uranus, and Midheaven.

I don't know.
Any thoughts (anyone)
on how this tight quincunx might manifest for me?


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