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Posted By: xark on: 11/7/2006 14:13:03 ET
Subject: Eris and arts

Message Detail:
Nizami's classic tale of star-crossed lovers"Layla and Majnun" appeared in 1188 CE as Eris was entering Sagittarius. Cervantes' Don Quixote, one of, if not the greatest novel in literature, first appeared in 1605 as Eris was entering Gemini, opposing her 1188 position.

Chaucer wrote the Canterbury tales, one of the first and greatest works in modern English, as Eris was entering Aries. England was officially English now, and the men could proceed to run around with red coats and, civilize the rest of the world.

A highwater mark of the Renaissance was the astrologer Marsilio Facino's translation of Plato's works into Latin. The dry scholasticism of Aristotle was no longer the end-all of philosophy and science. That was almost one Erisian year ago, in 1484 with Eris at 21deg Aries. The printing press appeared throughout Europe then much as the computer is appearing throughout the world today, bringing about similar revolutions in information.

i once saw a sculpture by Yoko Ono which i think beautifully captures the essence of Eris. A small white table at which are two white chairs facing each other. on the table is a chessboard whose 64 squares are all white. on the squares are the two opposing sets of chessmen, all white as well. Yoko named the work "Game of Trust"

my father once sat me down as a boy and told me his philosophy on life, jaded as it was. "Imagine life as a stairway going up to heaven in the sky. We are all walking up this stairway but people are elbowing each other, pushing each other and tripping each other up. what we are supposed to do is help each other up the stairway." anyway, Eris reminds me of this view. she offers us a bigger picture (the stairway to heaven or the golden apple) but if we can't rise above our base ego desires all we see are our neighbor's elbows in our faces, or our elbows in theirs. Eris offers us a glimpse of the eternal, but the discord is from ourselves...

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