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Posted By: Ranan Garfinkkle on: 11/1/2006 18:41:47 ET
Subject: Key theme for Eris

Message Detail:
The central feature of the myth of Eris is the "apple of discord" that was tossed before the assembled powers-that-be. The important consequence was that they were forced to make a choice.
The key theme for Eris is that -> Eris forces us to make a choice. <-
Eris comes to public, collective awareness at a time when we are getting close to "the end of the Mayan calendar" and the onset of "the Wave" that Laura Knight-Jadzyk and the Casseopians have talked about. We are being forced to choose between predatory (Service-to-Self) spirituality and compassionate (Service-to Others) spirituality. Eris (within us) is forcing us to make this choice.
Eris is currently in the 21st degree of Aries. The Sabian symbol for 21 Aries is "A pugilist (boxer) enters the ring". So make your choice and put up your dukes!
Eris will need a glyph for astrological symbolic purposes. I propose that we remember the "apple of discord" and use it as the basis of the symbol for Eris. Recall the 5-sided figure that is visible when an apple core is cut horizontally. The glyph for Eris could be a 5-pointed linear ray figure within a 5-sided regular polygon (not necessarily in phase). Now, the question should be -- is the 5-sided figure pointed up (like the Wiccan pentagram) or down (like the heavy metal Satanist pentagram)? Eris says: "Make your choice and put up your dukes!"
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