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Posted By: Ryoin on: 10/22/2006 12:27:43 ET
Subject: Eris Studies

Message Detail:
I've tracked down Eris in the charts of six different people, and typed up a breif explaination of that part of that person's life where Eris is present. At the end I've even offered up Eris' aspects to other planets, but I've mostly tried to take out all of the other influences and take what's left. Anyway, here they are.

First subject: Eris retrograde in the first house. This subject expresses supreme doubt in himself and his abilities. He is modest to the point of downplaying all of his accomplishments as if they donít matter. Likes to guess at most things rather than figure them out through complicated observations and studies, but if pressed or deeply interested he will complete these studies necessary to prove his point. Medically, this subject experiences stomach ailments almost constantly. He even suffers from a genetic complication where he doesnít feel hunger. Also, he suffers from chronic headaches (Other aspects to Eris: Trine the Moon in the Leo in the fifth house, Biquintile Venus in Virgo in the sixth, Sesquadrates Mars in Leo in the sixth, Quintiles Jupiter in Cancer in the fourth.)

Second subject: Eris direct in the eleventh house. Not interested in making many friends, prefers to have a few aquantinces instead. Tends to avoid situations that would put him in close social positions. However, he likes to keep a few close, trusted friends for when things breakdown and he needs someone to talk to. The relationship returns to its distant norm after the problem has been resolved. As far as goals go, he knows what he wants, he just lacks the initiative to get it started and keep going with it, putting it off until it's too late. He's taken a new approach, to have no goals, as he doesn't expect himself to get them done anyway. Quick to note flaws in these aquantinces, he won't soon let people forget they've failed. (Other aspects to Eris: Sextile the Sun in Gemini in the twelfth house, Semi-sextile Luna in Pisces in the tenth, Semi-sextile Mercury in Taurus in the twelfth, Sextile Mars in Gemini in the twelfth, Sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Sagittarius in the sixth.)

Third subject: Eris direct in the eighth house. This person is currently between religions, but seems to be drawn more to the mystic arts than anything. Sheís more of a loner, but connects very deeply with her few close friends. Her ability to switch jobs is amazing. As Iím not too familiar with the eighth house, this is all I can say. (Other aspects to Eris: Square Mercury in Cancer in the eleventh house, Trine Venus in Leo in the twelfth house, Trine Mars in Leo in the twelfth house, sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Gemini in the eleventh house, inconjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the third house.)

Fourth subject: Eris direct in the tenth house: This individual's work ethic is mostly slow and meticulous. Making sure to get everything correct. She likes to work more in the arts of drawing and writing, but she goes over everything at least ten times before coming up with a final version, if she comes up with one at all. Honestly a hard worker, just easily side-tracked. She takes critizism hard and hates to have people see her works when they aren't complete. The production time is long, but the product is worth the wait. Hopes to be a professional author. (Other aspects to Eris: Semi-sextiles Mercury in Pisces in the ninth, Opposes Terra in Virgo in the third, Semi-squares Mars in Gemini and the eleventh, Trines Saturn in Sagittarius in the fifth.)

Fifth subject: Eris direct in the tenth house: This subject works very hard, but often comes up a bit short, then works quickly to fix it. Atittude towards working is indifferent, if she needs to do it, she'll do it, otherwise she doesn't like to or refuses. Hopes to work with computers. As for projects, she enjoys fiddling with electronics, writing poetry, drawing, and organizing files, which she sees as "fun" (don't see how). (Other aspects to Eris: Sextiles Mercury in Gemini in the eleventh, Sextiles Venus in Gemini in the eleventh, Semi-sextile Mars in Pisces in the ninth)

Sixth subject: Eris retrograde in the sixth house: This individual has had stomach ailments all her life resulting in near surgeries, but she hates those so she hasn't had them done. When she's healthy, she's happy, but she tends to blow health problems out of porportion, freaking out over little things. Experiences headaches often. (Other aspects to Eris: Opposes the Sun in Libra in the twelfth, Semi-square Terra in Pisces in the fifth, Sextiles Mars in Gemini in the eighth, Squares Saturn in Capricorn in the third.)

I hope you all enjoy this, I know I did.

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