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Posted By: Des on: 10/20/2006 08:17:27 ET
Subject: RE: New Science and Astrology

Message Detail:

Just a little bit of postscript to my theory about spiral circulating of subtle energy throughout the solar system. So, this theory might look confusing, and almost incredible, however considering certain facts this theory becomes not only acceptable, but also entirely – logical. Namely, spiral shapes are very often forms found in the nature, from the smallest, to the hugest entities. We can assure ourself just by taking a look in certain areas of biology, mathematics, astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, parapsychology etc. so, spiral forms we can encounter as well, besides in DNA, still further in:

- Shells formations
- bacteria forms (spirochaetes)
- wind patterns (tornadoes, hurricanes)
- fire flames
- falling of leaves and other objects
- spiral current of water (V. Schauberger)
- brain waves
- bioelectric impulses in human body
- logarithmic spiral
- Mandelbrot’s spiral (Fractal geometry)
- motion of energy in morphogenetic fields
- spiral motion of electrons in atom (Leadbeater, Besant)
- motion of energy toward the peak of the pyramid made in proportion to Great Pyramid
- spiral of Kundalini energy
- spiral shapes of ‘young’ galaxies (those that still produce new stars)

With spiral shape is also connected some peculiar kind of group meditation, called Yogic Yang Spiral, of which originator is Rumanian Gregorian Bivolaru. Namely, by this kind of meditation partecipants hold each others hands, after Zodiacal order, and gender (man Aries, woman Taurus, man Gemini, woman Cancer etc.) and so they form a huge spiral, anti-clockwise oriented. The aim of this meditation is obviously the imitation of the motion of energies in macrocosm, as well as amortization of the negative influences of planets.

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