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Posted By: Ryoin on: 10/18/2006 23:08:08 ET
Subject: RE: Meaning of Orcus

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I think of Orcus as being Pluto's "dark side", for a lack of a better term. Pluto seems to be more neutral in meaning, positive AND negative transformation, not just positive and not just negative, but transformation in general. Well, let's take the mythological applications and incorporate it abit. "Pluto" seems to be Pluto's more natural side. More at ease I guess you could say than Orcus. I kind of associate it with being at work, you act different, you have different duties at work than when you're at home. Pluto is at home, while Orcus is at work. Orcus is judgmental, punishing, and harsh, possibly biased, but mostly fair in his judgments. Kind of like Kharma I guess. Please note that's just a theory, I haven't even begun to research Orcus in charts, I've placed him in several, just haven't looked at it in-depth.
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