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Posted By: sazzy on: 10/12/2006 11:16:05 ET
Subject: zena/xena

Message Detail:
apologies for the cut & pasted p.m. chat conversatio9n but i have little time...

from - i am known as qqq/lillith& goatgirl

theres many a cool astrology types in there & im glad they shewed me here i shall return.. im saving you to my favourites


To: nux plutonica 15:54:35 what do you mean you installed the zena antipoison???
nux plutonica 15:55:36 no i don't really understand this "i am my own mother"....
(btw my pluto in first, too.... alas!)
plutonica 15:56:40 "xena antipoison" just came out of me ... the expression made me feel safe... .. .. xena is the warrior princess that is pluto's match
nux plutonica 15:57:16 yes this is sure a lot!!
To: nux plutonica 15:57:45 my mum was a cancer... im a cap... but our souls/spirits are synchronised - if they werent before she died... i dont really understand it either but i believe it to be true on one level or another
nux plutonica 15:58:29 posting in outed: ">> xena the pluto catcher: i am a warrior goddess ready for beating the whip :-) i sneak through the shadows to discover what is hidden :-) "
To: nux plutonica 16:00:52 i have a theory that the new planet zena should aspect anecdotes... i want my theory widespread among astrology hierarchy... could you pull some (cosmic energy) strings for me there do do think pretty please
To: nux plutonica 16:02:18 my theory is based on two of michael browns quotes regarding finding the planet - i dont have time now but email me & i'll reply im on a mission here!!!!
To: nux plutonica 16:03:36 we need a planet to aspect our anecdotes/storys/myths maybe even (i know thats a bit paradoxical) and other funny tales
To: nux plutonica 16:05:17 i think zena is the one
nux plutonica 16:06:34 ..maybe post it in forums, like this one :

To: nux plutonica 16:08:22 based on the fact that he rang his wife to say he'd discovered a new planet & she replied 'thats nice dear now dont forget to bring some milk home' also he made a bet with his fellow discovering astrologer.... a crate of champagne (brute i believe) if he discovered a planet within a year - he found zena 8 days outside of the bet

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zena/xena plan-it

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