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Posted By: Michael on: 10/9/2006 20:04:57 ET
Subject: RE: welcome Eris, third trickster planet

Message Detail:

About Eris, the rulership I believe is a higher octave of Gemini, the nature of the planet is like Thoth - an embodiment of the universal mind - communicating a message for the world is what this planet is all about.

When I was studying the planet, I called it Persephone-Xena, but later, I felt Thoth made more sense, Eris is a nice name, but it is naive to take the symoblism much further without analyzing it in the charts of people:
Achillini, 16 Aries, Perephone Opposite Mercury in Libra, Sextile Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Trine Venus in Sagittarius,
Adler, 10 Pisces, Persphone Conjunct Venus Retrograde in Pisces, Sextile Jupiter in Taurus,
Alberti, 2 Aries, Persephone Trine Moon in Sagittrarius, Sextile Pluto in Gemini, and Jupiter in Aquarius, far Trine to Rahu in Leo..
Athanasius Kircher, 28 Taurus, Persephone Trine Moon in Virgo,
Attar, 6 Virgo, Persephone Conjunct Saturn/Uranus Trine Mercury, (hypothetical birthday)…
Aurobindo, 12 Pisces, Persephone Opposite Mercury, Sextile Saturn in Capricorn Ret,
Berkeley, 16 Virgo, Persephone Conjunct Saturn ret in Virgo, Opposite Sun in Pisces (6 orb), Square Moon in Gemini,
Blake, 19 Sagittarius, Persephone Conjunct Pluto (exact) trine Mars in Leo (exact)/Neptune, Sextile Saturn Conjunct Chiron in Aquarius,
Bob Dylan, 5 Aries, Persephone Trine Pluto in Leo/Chiron in Cancer.
Boccaccio - 4 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Pluto Square Mercury
Copernicus, 19 Aries, Persephone Sextile Saturn in Gemini retrograde.
D.Rudhyar (1895), 20 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Rahu, Trine Uranus in Scorpio Ret.
Da Vinci - 14 Aries, Persephone conjunct Mercury (6 orb) opposite Saturn (exact) retrograde in Libra, (exact) sextile Mars in Aquarius
Dante - 9 Aquarius Persephone Trine Saturn/Mercury in Gemini, Opposite Neptune (exact)/Mars in Leo…Sextile Pluto in Saggitarius
Dickinson, 20 Aquarius, Persephone Sextile Mercury in Sagittarius, Trine Moon in Libra,
Dryden, 21 Gemini, Persphone Square Uranus in Virgo, Conjunct Mars in Gemini (8 orb), Sextile Jupiter in Aries Retrograde,
Durant (1885), 16 Pisces, Persephone Trine Sun in Scorpio (3 orb), Trine Mercury in Scorpio (9 orb),
Dylan Thomas, (1914), 26 Pisces, Persephone Trine Mercury in Scorpio (3 orb), Trine Mars, Trine Neptune in Leo (5 orb), (otherwise weakly aspected Mercury)
Einstein (1879), 14 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Sun (9 orb),
Emerson, 3 Aquarius, Persephone Trine Sun (0 orb), Conjunct Chiron in Capricorn, Trine Uranus in Libra, Opposite Moon/Mars in Leo,
Eysenck, 27 Pisces, Persephone Trine Neptune Retrograde in Leo, Conjunct Jupiter in Aries,
F.Bacon, 11 Taurus, Persephone Square Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius,
F.H. Bradley, 29 Aquarius, Persephone Conjunct Neptune, Sextile Jupiter in Taurus,
Freud, 5 Pisces, Persephone Inconjunct Mars Retrograde in Libra, Square Moon in Gemini.
Fromm, 22 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Mars (5 orb), Square Moon in Sagittarius,
G.D. Rossetti (1828), 20 Aquarius, Persephone Square Sun in Taurus (2 orb).
Goethe, 9 Sagittarius, Persephone Square Sun, otherwise unaspected….
H.Rousseau (1844), 29 Aquarius, Persephone Trine Mars in Gemini, Conjunct Neptune Ret in Aquarius.
Hegel, 1 Capricorn, Persephone Trine Sun (2 orb), opposite Saturn in Leo retro (8 orb),
Holderin, 1770, 3 Capricorn, Persephone Sextile Mercury, Moon Conjunct Persephone (8 orb), Sun Square Thoth (4 orb), Sedna Trine (8 orb) Neptune retrograde in Virgo, (grand trine) Uranus in Taurus (8 org again)..
Horney, 17 Pisces, Persephone Oppposite Sun/Jupiter in Virgo,
Hugo, 1 Aquarius, Persephone Conjunct Mars in Aquarius, Inconjunct Jupiter/Saturn Retrograde in Leo/Virgo, Trine Uranus in Libra,
Hume 26 Libra, Persephone Opposite Mercury (3 orb) and Neptune/Sun, Square Saturn retro in Cancer,
J.S.Mill, 5 Aquarius, Persephone Trine Sun (7 orb), Square Mercury/Mars (0 and 2orb),
James, William (1842), 27 Aquarius, Persephone Conjunct Mars in Pisces (6 orb),
Jami, 5 Aries, Persephone Trine Jupiter (exact) in Saggitarius, Trine Mercury (7orb), (Grand-trine), Square Saturn Ret. In Cancer (exact)/Neptune
Jung, 13 Pisces, Persephone Trine Mercury in Cancer (0 orb), and Venus in Cancer. Inconjunct Uranus in Leo.
Kafka, 17 Pisces, Persephone Square Mercury/Venus in Gemini, Trine Sun/Jupiter in Cancer, Opposite Uranus in Virgo (exact),
Kant, 12 Scorpio, Persephone Opposite Sun/Mercury (very exact), Sextile Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn, Square Jupiter in Aquarius, Sextile Moon in Virgo
Keats, 24 Capricorn, Persphone Conjunct Jupiter (5 orb), Trine Mars in Virgo (3 orb), Inconjunct Moon in Gemini,
Kepler, 15 Taurus, Persephone Trine Uranus in Capricorn, Opposite Venus in Scorpio, Sextile Rahu in Cancer,
Kierkegaard, 10 Aquarius, Persephone Square Venus in Taurus/Sun, Opposite Rahu in Leo,Square
Kipling, 8 Pisces, Persephone Trine Saturn in Scorpio, Sextile Sun/Jupiter in Capricorn, Square Moon in Gemini,
Krishnamurti, (1895), 21 Pisces, Persephone Sextile Sun in Taurus, Conjunct Rahu in Pisces (3 orb), Opposite Uranus Ret. In Scorpio.
Leibniz, 6 Cancer, Persephone Conjunct Jupiter (7 orb), Conjunct Sun (7 orb), Persephone is Scout Planet
Locke, 22 Gemini, Persephone Square Mercury/Uranus in Virgo, Persephone Square Mars in Libra,
Lope de Vega, 12 Taurus, Thoth Trine Venus in Capricorn, Opposite Mars in Scorpio.
Maharshi, (1879), 14 Pisces, Persephone Square Mercury in Sagittarius (1 orb), Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (6 orb), Opposite Uranus in Virgo (6 orb),
Marx, 14 Aquarius, Persephone Square Sun (exact)/Moon,
Michelangelo - 18 Aries, Persephone Conjunct Venus/Chiron, (exact) Square Saturn in Cancer, opposite Rahu, Sextile Mercury in Aquarius,
Millay, 19 Pisces, Persphone Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, Square Mars in Sagittarius,
Milton, 2 Gemini, Persephone Conjunct Moon in Taurus/Uranus in Gemini, Trine Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde,
Montaingne, 3 Taurus, Persephone Sextile Mercury in Pisces Ret, Trine Moon in Capricorn, Sextile Saturn Ret in Cancer, Trine Rahu in Virgo,
Niestzche, 28 Aquarius, Persephone Trine Sun in Libra (6 orb), Conjunct Neptune (7 orb),
Nostradamus, 25 Aries, Persephone Trine Sun in Sagittarius,
Omar Khayam - Sun Conjunct Persephone in 24 Taurus - in Grand trine with Uranus in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius
P.Valery, (1871), 11 Pisces, Persephone Trine Mercury/Sun (6 orb) in Scorpio,
Petrarch, 0 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Moon (3 orb)/Fortuna in Pisces, Trine Venus in Gemini, Inconjunct Saturn in Libra, Opposite Jupiter in Virgo ( 7 orb), Inconjunct Sun/Mercury in Leo.
Picasso (1881), 15 Pisces, Persephone Trine Mars in Cancer (2 orb), Trine Mercury in Scorpio (9 orb), Opposite Uranus in Virgo.
Plath, 2 Aries, Persephone Opposite Moon in Libra, Inconjunct Sun in Scorpio (2 orb)
Pound, 16 Pisces, Persephone Trine Mercury in Scorpio (0 orb), (otherwise unaspected Mercury)
Pushkin, 29 Capricorn, Persephone Trine Mercury in Taurus (7 orb), Opposite Saturn/Venus/Moon in Cancer, Square Pluto in Pisces Ret.
Ramakrishna (1836), 24 Aquarius, Persephone Conjunct Sun (4 orb),
Raphael, (1483), 21 Aries, Persephone Conjunct Sun (5 orb), Conjunct Mercury (8 orb), Conjunct Venus Ret. In Aries (8 orb), Trine Uranus Ret in Sagittarius,
Rimbaud, 2 Pisces, Persephone Square Mars in Sagittarius, Trine Sun in Libra (6 orb), Inconjunct Moon in Libra,
Rogers, 22 Pisces, Persephone Sextile Mercury/Jupiter in Capricorn,
Rostand (1868), 10 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Mercury (4 orb), Trine Uranus in Cancer, Square Saturn in Sagittarius Ret.
Rousseau, 27 Libra, Persphone Opposite Neptune in Taurus,
Rumi (1207), 19 Sagittarius, Persephone Square Mercury in Virgo (2 orb), Opposite Saturn in Gemini,
Sackville-West (1892), 19 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Sun (1 orb), Mercury (3 orb), Opposite Saturn in Virgo Ret.
Sagan (1935), 3 Aries, Persephone Square Sun/Mercury (ret) in Gemini.
Saint Francis of Sales, (1567), 15 Taurus, Persephone Trine Sun (8 orb), Trine Saturn in Virgo Ret.(3 orb),
Samueli (1896), 21 Pisces, Persephone Square Sun, Mercury (ret), Neptune in Gemini, Trine Uranus in Scorpio Ret.
Sandburg (1878), 13 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Saturn, Sextile Sun (3 orb) in Capricorn,
Santayana (1863), 7 Pisces, Persephone Trine Venus in Scorpio, Sextile Mercury in Capricorn (4 orb),
Schopenhauer, 22 Capricorn, Persephone Square Neptune, opposite Uranus Ret in Cancer,
Shakespeare, 13 Taurus, Unaspected save for sextile to Pluto in Pisces, Persephone is Scout Planet
Sidney (1552), 9 Taurus, Persephone Trine Mars in Virgo (6 orb), Conjunct Neptune (6 orb).
Skinner, 23 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Mercury (0 orb), Opposite Rahu in Virgo,
Southey (1774), 5 Capricorn, Persephone Trine Mercury in Virgo (ret.) (4 orb), Opposite Mars in Cancer (2 orb) (otherwise weakly aspected Mercury), Opposite Venus in Cancer
Stevenson (1850), 1 Pisces, Persephone Conjunct Moon/Neptune in Pisces
Swedenborg (1688), 23 Virgo, Persephone Trine Mercury in Capricorn (6 orb),
Tennyson (1809) 6 Aquarius, Persephone Opposite Sun in Leo (7 orb), Square Mars/Uranus in Scorpio, Trine Moon in Gemini (7 orb),
Tesla, (1856), 5 Pisces, Persephone Trine Saturn in Cancer (exact), Trine Mercury in Gemini (6 orb)
Turgenev, (1818), 12 Aquarius, Persephone Square Mercury/Sun in Scorpio (3 orb),
Verhaeren, (1855), 5 Pisces, Persephone Square Mercury in Gemini (3 orb),
Voltaire, 4 Libra, Persephone Unaspected save for sextile to Pluto in Leo,
Whitman, (1819), 14 Aquarius, Persephone Square Mercury in Taurus (0 orb), (otherwise weakly aspected Mercury), Trine Sun in Gemini (6 orb), Conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (4 orb).
Whittier (1807), 4 Aquarius, Persephone Sextile Mercury/Neptune in Saggitarius (1 orb),
Wildox, (1851), 3 Pisces, Persephone Square Mercury (5 orb) Venus (0 orb) in Gemini, Trine Sun in Cancer (3 orb),
Yeats, (1856), 9 Pisces, Persephone Square Mercury in Gemini (5 orb!), (otherwise unaspected Mercury),
Yevtushenko, (1933), 3 Aries, Persephone Trine Sun in Cancer (8 orb),
Tillich, (1886), 17 Pisces, Persephone Trine Saturn in Cancer (0 orb),
Accardo, Violinist (1941), 4 Aries, Persephone Trine Pluto in Leo, Opposite Sun in Libra and Neptune.
Morris, William (1834), 24 Aquarius, Persephone Conjunct Mars/Uranus (exact),

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