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Posted By: berzarker on: 10/4/2006 23:43:42 ET
Subject: RE: plus, the five most interesting unnamed objects

Message Detail:
But Eris's nickname, Xena, was considered to have astrological implications; what about the nicknames of the top three, Santa, Easterbunny and Buffy?

there are two camps when it comes to sussing out the astrological qualities of the new planets. the literalists believe in following the name to the mythological letter- to them Eris will become the planet of the avenging female, a raving maenead(sic?) with blood soaked hair, tearing apart pimply men who scorned them at the senior prom limb from limb; Sissy Spacek's Carrie, reaching up from the grave...- the other camp will be those who study Eris in charts and intuit her meaningfulness from an objective perspective. perhaps they will think Eris has a more Apollonian bent than a Dionysian one;more rational than passionate,more Classical than Romantic, more Roundhead than Cavalier, less filling than great tasting...

This will play out in time between the two camps. each camp has its plus and minus side for reaching an astrological consensus on what the new planet means. where i stand? personally i believe that in the astronomical naming process recently,the mellower name of Eris was overpowered by the hot pepper spices of tropical Aries and what we got is what we got now.

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