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Posted By: Artes Perditae on: 09/29/2006 21:51:09 ET
Subject: Eris, Virgo, Libra?

Message Detail:
One should take note of the fact that, due to its extreme inclination, Eris completely avoids numerous signs within the traditional zodiac. What this means is ambiguous, but almost certainly important. It is also in a tight 17:5 resonance with neptune, which appeare to be even more stable than Pluto's 3/2. Also very important, as the trans-neptunians that seem the show an obvious effect of some sort all are (including FY9, which is in a 11:6, though often, even in astronomical papers, mistakenly referred to as a 'Cubawano'). My research seems to confirm a relationship between this planet and astrological effect, but it is of a very subliminal and subversive sort, ala Pluto, though its basis is not so much power as delicacy, uncertainty, and instability, with rash or extreme actions arising from the confusion therein. This is not unlibran, but we should not yet hasten to assume it so. Hysteria is another facet of this planet in transits, down to the second. It is espeially volatile, and creative, in involvements with the moon. But is it also possible that a planet could have an oscillating power, as in sometimes working, and sometimes not, depending on its relation to the ecliptic? We don't know. But this planets sheer oddity will require a more imaginative approach.
As for Virgo, this question is important to me, as I have the four most volatile planets in conjunction grouped around the descendent. Note that I am a complete slob. There may be a candidate for it already, however. It is always forgotten when talking about a planets size that Pluto-Charon are, in their co-rotating semi-major axis, almost 20,000 kilometers. This is three times the size of Mars, and the center of this amalgram is space itself-nothing. What this means is that the center of gravity between them is outside the surface of Pluto. This is a highly dynamic and charged relationship, and is 'metaphorically' significant. But there is another planetary system that shares this peculiarity, and only one so far- Orcus and its unnamed 'moon'. This has not yet been made public but by accident on wikipedia, since removed. Google Pluto-Charon analog Orcus, and the relevant paper should arise on the first page. There appears to be much of the dark side of Virgo in this planetary system, or more specifically the pisces-virgo axis. The minute, the explicit, and the exploitive seem to shine through with it, a 'one learns what one wants by getting what one did not know could be'. It seems to be relevant to the extremes one can go to to rid oneself of a power that seems,or one assumes, to control you. Wise or not.It seems to be highly, and not necessarily benevolently, imaginative, compulsively so ala its fellow traveler Pluto-Charon. I associate it with forced conceptualization and 'the laughing sinister'. Let me add that I do not put too much into planetary rulerships, and see them mostly as a guide. But who knows? Astrology has been wrong for years about much. It is still too early to really know.
But there is one thing for sure- this is going to be fun.
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