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Posted By: Des on: 09/27/2006 08:02:30 ET
Subject: RE: New Science and Astrology

Message Detail:
It seems that my last debate with Luis (2003 UB 313 and its Influences on the World) has moved closer to your post, about the connections of new science and astrology. On re-reading your really sharp text, I realized that there are many points in which I agree with you. I will try to present as well some new insights of mine related to new planets and solar system.

Firstly, let me tell you something more about your assertion: Every star is connected in a network that fuels the stellar energy and fire, fuelled by the galactic center, in turn fueled by metagalactic sources. Of course, I agree with your opinion, but, isn’t it peculiar that something quite similar had been proposed long time ago, in The Middle Ages, and even in antiquity, by Neo-Platonists. They namely supposed a flow of energy, from the higher entities downwards, up to living beings on Earth. As I stated in my reply to Luis: Hellenistic Neo-Platonists have upgraded his theory with emanative scheme and vertical influence, going from the First Being downwards to secondary beings and to stars and planets. In Middle Ages, Jewish and Islamic Neo-Platonic philosophers made a certain amalgamation of those Neo-Platonic with Aristotelian ideas, about heavenly spheres (later accepted also by some Christian philosophers, like Albertus Magnus and Roger Bacon). In their hierarchical arrangement of beings, the spirits ruled and animated heavenly spheres. Therefore, it’s my opinion that this teaching about heavenly spheres has to return to philosophy, from which it was banished three centuries ago.

Secondly, I agree with your opinion that Orbital planes of planets form plasma sheets…Already in my reply to Luis I mentioned that: I think that it’s necessary to embrace again those forgotten medieval theories about animated heavenly spheres and their influence. Now, instead of seven, we know that there are twelve spheres, and that some kind of subtle energy (bioenergy?) flows through them in a spiral mode, from Sedna to Sun and vice versa, transmitting that energy from one sphere to the other. We can surmise that that kind of energy is changeable, and it probably mutates in the Zodiacal order, so Leo turns into Gemini energy, then into Taurus, up to the last Virgo sphere. But, there exists also the second spiral of energy flowing through spheres, starting with Cancer, proceeding with Leo, Virgo, and ending with Gemini. On the border of two spheres there probably exists some area of transition of one energy into another. Namely, my hypothesis is, that each planet rules over two signs, instead on one, and that there are two helices of subtle energy flowing throughout the solar system. Now, here is an astonishing parallel with the form of DNA, which as well consists of two helices. I remember how I’d been brooding some five years ago in vain about the possible connection - similarity of Zodiac and DNA form. But now, with discovery of two new planets, I think that system is complete, like is presented in this table:

Leo/ Fire Sun Cancer/ Water
Cancer/ Water Moon Leo/ Fire
Gemini/ Air Mercury Virgo/ Earth
Taurus/ Earth Venus Libra/ Air
Aries/ Fire Mars Scorpio/ Water
Pisces/ Water Jupiter Sagittarius/ Fire
Aquarius/ Air Saturn Capricorn/ Earth
Capricorn/ Earth Uranus Aquarius/ Air
Sagittarius/ Fire Neptune Pisces/ Water
Scorpio/ Water Pluto Aries/ Fire
Libra/ Air Eris Taurus/ Earth
Virgo/ Earth Sedna Gemini/ Air
In this table we can see that each sphere of influence is marked by two types of energy, of one positive and one negative sign. The more astonishing resemblance with DNA form bears the fact that there are four basic elements creating these energies, known also from the ancient Greek philosophy. And DNA is formed as well by four elements, four chemical bases called adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. Moreover, another striking similarity is that the order matters in both cases. The combination of bases A-T is not the same as T-A; and analogously energy Air/Earth is not the same as Earth/Air.
DNA molecule constitutes the chromosome. In the nucleus of each human cell there are 23 chromosomes. We can surmise that 22 chromosomes correspond to 11 planets. But what’s with the last, 23rd? Surprisingly, although we don’t know exactly to which 11 planets are related 22 chromosomes, for the last one, is pretty sure. Why? Because the last one is the chromosome that determines the gender and of course it relates to the Moon. Just of the position of the Moon is the moment of conception, it is known the gender of the child (if it’s in positive sign – boy, in negative – girl). That is the reason why the number of males and females is so even, simply because chances are exactly 50 per cent that conception will be in either sign.
The Moon is the only planet that disobeys the astronomical order of planets, but it seems that the energy emanating from higher spheres passes through all the spheres and then it comes to Moon, before pouring into the newborn child in the form of astral body. As medieval philosopher Agrippa says: …the Moon, the nighest to the Earth, the receptacle of all the heavenly influences, by the swiftness of her course is joined to the Sun, and the other planets and Stars, every month, and being made as it were the wife of all the Stars, is the most fruitful of the Stars, and receiving the beams and influences of all the other planets and Stars as conception, bringing them forth to the inferior world as being next to it…
As a conclusion I must emphasize that times and again is repeated the ancient rule: so below, as above, so in microcosm, as in macrocosm. And therefore is the most logical thing that we find ever new similarities of old theories with newest scientific discoveries.

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